5 Saints Every Nursing Mom Should Know

5 Saints Every Nursing Mom Should Know // Carrots for Michaelmas

We know that Pope Francis has supported breastfeeding women (even in church) and Our Lady offers a beautiful example of motherly love when she's depicted nursing in the tradition of Christian art. There is wonderful encouragement for nursing mothers in our faith, but some of us still face difficult challenges when we try to breastfeed. As a mama who has struggled with breastfeeding, I was … [Read more...]

Our Homeschooling Plans (with a 1st Grader, a Preschooler, a Toddler, and a Cross Country Move)

Our homeschooling plans (2015) with a first grader, a preschooler, a toddler, and a cross country move // Carrots for Michaelmas

My inbox has been filling up with questions about homeschooling lately, so it must be that time of year to start thinking about curriculum for the fall! Just Starting Out? If you are thinking about homeschooling or just getting your feet wet, I highly recommend two lovely books: Teaching in Your Tiara: A Homeschooling Book for the Rest of Us by Rebecca Frech Teaching from Rest: A … [Read more...]

“Have You Ever Felt Like Being a Mother Has Ruined You?”

Has Motherhood Ruined You?

“Have you ever felt like being a mother has ruined you?  Has brought out the absolute worst--from being a sensitive, emotional mess that will snap at the slightest challenging remark or unexpected turn in the day to making you seethe with anger and frustration all too often?   I feel like I used to be so good, so on top of everything, so "proficient." And here I am, on the eve of my son's … [Read more...]

Friday Fashion Frivolity: I Can’t Love Maxis and I Don’t Know Why

Jordie Abstract Chevron Print Maxi Skirt: Renee C Stitch Fix

Every so often, we chat fashion at Carrots. I hope it feels like going shopping with a friend, but not having to try on jeans….or leave your couch. So here's the drill. I share a new box of Stitch Fix items, tell ya my thoughts, get my husband Daniel's take, and tell you what I kept and what I sent back. (I’m not gonna go into the details of the personal styling service Stitch Fix here, but … [Read more...]

It’s May! Let’s Celebrate!


It's the month of May when we especially honor Our Lady. And lucky for you, the beautiful book I got to contribute a chapter to, Rosaries Aren't (Just) for Teething, is being released and I have THREE ecopies to giveaway! So enter with the rafflecopter, it's open until Wedneday night at midnight, EST. All ya gotta do is leave a comment and the winners will get a PDF of the book in their … [Read more...]

This Week’s Miscellany: Vol. 125

photo 4-45

First off, just want to say THANK YOU to everyone who ordered the bundle through us. We are thrilled to offer that crazy awesome deal and so grateful for your support. Our earnings from the sale will go straight to our moving costs and living expenses during the farm internship. And if you emailed me your receipt to receive Daniel's cookbook, I am ALMOST done getting the book to all of you. If you … [Read more...]

13 Reasons Why This Is Awesome


        *Oops! Looks like you missed the 2015 Ultimate Homemaking Bundle! To find out about future bundles click here. Well, this is it. Less than 24 hours to go. The Ultimate Homemaking Bundle Sale--a library of homemaking resources, ebooks, and ecourses--ends tonight at midnight (Monday, April 27th)! It’s been awesome hearing from readers about how much you … [Read more...]

The One Thing That Helped This Messy Mom Keep a Clean House

Messy house? This is the simplest tip to keeping a clean house ever.

I’ve always felt over my head with homemaking. Keeping things clean AND tidy has been unattainable and once things get messy, it feels like it takes two straight days of cleaning to get everything in order. Or at least...it did. Before I did the stupid easy thing everyone said would fix it: GET RID OF THE STUFF. A few months ago I had an epiphany after clearing out the big kids room of most of … [Read more...]

5 Tips for Pursuing Your Dream When You Can’t Pursue Your Dream…Yet

5 Tips for Pursuing Your Dream (When You Can't Pursue Your Dream...Yet)

I recently shared about the crazy life-changing adventure we’re going on next year. But I also want to address a few things that have come up in talking about it with you in the comments or social media about pursuing passions. There are different seasons to life. There are times when opportunity strikes and when it doesn’t. There are times when either the budget or your time cannot be … [Read more...]

The Video in Which I Cry…Twice (And a Super Awesome Recipe to Beat the Breakfast Blahs)

Sweet Sweet Potato Hash Recipe (Gluten-free, Egg-Free)// Carrots for Michaelmas

Wow. What a crazy week! In addition to that post about why Voldemort hates homeschooling striking a chord (or...hitting a nerve, depending on how you look at it) I was completely unprepared for the amazing response to our moving-to-a-farm news. I didn't know how to say thank you, so I made a vlog. And then I cried in it.....twice. I have read every email, comment, tweet, FB message, … [Read more...]