Spiritual Resolutions and a Podcast on Planners


I woke up this morning feeling like I was alive again after four days of crummy sore throat achy muscle misery. So, I actually GOT DRESSED. But no makeup so far, because let's not get crazy, ok? Anyhow, since my brain has been way too fuzzy to form coherent sentences (but surprisingly capable in the Gilmore Girls binge watching department), I'll share a couple of places you can find me this … [Read more...]

Our Real Mommy Problem (Guest Post by Nicki)

Carrots for Michaelmas

Good morning, friends! I am under the weather with a sore throat and trying to avoid my nemesis, Tonsillitis (hence the quiet on the blog this week). But luckily, sweet Nicki is here to save the day with a guest post, so enjoy!-Haley   This is a guest post by Nicki of Full Hands, Happy Heart. In case you missed it, “Our ‘Mommy’ Problem” was an opinion piece published recently in … [Read more...]

Friday Fashion Frivolity: Forgiving Post-Holiday Attire

Pixley Lex Mini Chevron Knit Fit & Flare Dress Stitch Fix

Happy New Year! Every so often, we chat fashion at Carrots. I hope it feels like going shopping with a friend, but not having to try on jeans, or leave your couch. Today I'm gonna share my latest fix from Stitch Fix. (I’m not gonna go into the details of the personal styling service Stitch Fix here, but if you want to know more you can check out my posts about whether Stitch Fix is worth … [Read more...]

My Reading Goals for 2015

my reading goals for 2015

Every year I love creating a reading list for the new year. I'm not by nature a list maker, but book lists are the exception. This year my main goal is to finish two giant classics. This is the THIRD YEAR that Les Mis is on my reading list and, although I'm almost halfway through, I can't believe that it's taken me this long. Anyhow, I'm giving myself several months to read the last 700 pages … [Read more...]

Confessions of a Sugaraholic

Confessions of a Sugaraholic // Carrots for Michaelmas

I’ve been sugar-obsessed for as long as I can remember. I remember sneaking into the pantry when I was a little girl to just EAT LUMPS OF BROWN SUGAR. Seriously. In college I lived on Cinnamon Toast Crunch and coffee with a sludge of sugar in the bottom of the cup. I got sick a lot. Surprise! After my first pregnancy, I had a hard time bouncing back. I was tired ALL THE TIME. I felt like a … [Read more...]

Why I Don’t Want to Be Healthy

Why I Don't Want to Be Healthy // Carrots for Michaelmas

Health. It’s a good thing, right? Our bodies matter. We’re not just spiritual beings, we’re physical, too. That’s how God designed us and ignoring that….well, it’s just silly. And gnostic. So taking care of our bodies matters. Seeking to nourish them with good food and maintain an active lifestyle has a deeply moral dimension. But you know what makes me really uncomfortable? When we turn diets and … [Read more...]

My Favorite Posts of 2014


Yesterday I shared the 10 most popular posts at Carrots from 2014. But, as always, some of MY favorite posts weren't included. Because the funny thing about blogging is that you never know what's going to strike a chord. Sometimes the piece I spent weeks mulling over and crafting falls flat while the spur of the moment post goes viral. If I've learned anything, it's to just keep writing stuff that … [Read more...]

The Most Popular Carrots Posts of 2014

The 10 Most Popular Carrots Posts of 2014

It's always really interesting to me to take a look at the previous year and see what posts really seemed to resonate with the Carrots readers. I'm usually surprised at what posts take off. Although sometimes it's the posts I spend weeks mulling over and crafting, most often it's the posts written in a sudden moment of inspiration that seem to be the most popular. Reflection on the year seems … [Read more...]

Pain, Joy, Love, and a Christmas Playlist for You

A very Carrots Christmas playlist

We've had record-breaking storms for the past few days. Our driveway is under water and yesterday when we were driving home after visiting some friends, a huge oak tree had fallen across the street. Detour time. Yesterday we woke up to a puddle in our kitchen where our roof was leaking. Sigh. But it's almost Christmas. And I think the little stubby purple candle from the first week of Advent is … [Read more...]

What I Read in 2014

what I read in 2014 // Carrots for Michaelmas

I don't know why I'm so nosy about other people's reads, but...I totally am. And since some of you might be fellow bookshelf snoopers, I thought I'd share the books I read in 2014. In exchange, you have to tell me all about your favorite reads of 2014 in the comments! The one thing I hate about making these lists is that I always feel like I've missed a book....or ten. Non-Fiction I am … [Read more...]