I’m a Mother, Not the CEO of My Household

I'm a Mother, Not the CEO of my Household // Carrots for Michaelmas

The other day I was taking a walk with my almost 2-year-old, Lucy while wearing a sleeping Baby Gwen. The September sky was deep blue through the pines and the wind was blowing away the corners of the oppressive blanket of Florida heat. Lucy was carefully choosing spots to sit down on the nature trail and let the sand run through her fingers. She found leaves, flowers, and butterflies and asked me … [Read more...]

7 Books for New Moms

A Note from Haley: While we're enjoying vacation with no internet connection in the NC mountains with our extended family, my favorite librarian mama and dear friend, Katherine of shouting hallelujah, is sharing some of her favorite books for mamas. I may have a not-so-secret hope that Baby Gwen and Katherine's young Pip (see below) decide someday that it would be a fine idea to marry. Ahem. Enjoy … [Read more...]

I’m Trying Not to Be the “Just Wait” Mom


I am the mother of a newborn, a toddler, and a preschooler. When my friends who are first time moms tell me about their parenting challenges, two words try to creep to the tip of my tongue: “Just wait.” When a friend says, “I just can’t take the baby to the grocery store, it’s too stressful!” What I want to say is, “Just wait. Try taking THREE kids to the grocery store! Taking just the baby … [Read more...]

Praying with Your Feet


Sometimes I make the mistake of separating my spiritual life from my vocation as a wife and mother. I see my children as distractions from prayer and spirituality, rather than an opportunity to love God. On a particularly trying morning with a very fussy infant at church, I spent almost all of Mass outside holding my crying baby and watching Mass through the door. Afterwards, I lamented to a … [Read more...]

Any Expectant Mamas Out There? Check Out From Maiden to Mother


I'm three days overdue with Baby Gwen (Lucy was 10 days late) so I'm starting to lose my mind a little. I really gave all my natural labor induction methods a good try yesterday, including acupuncture, spicy Thai food, long walks, etc. but to no avail! One more weekend pregnant just sounds UNBEARABLE. C'mon Baby Carrot! I'm doing my best to distract myself from the fact that I'm still … [Read more...]

Motherhood, Hard Times, Fear, and Love

As Mother's Day approaches and Baby Gwen's due date nears, I've been thinking about motherhood and trying to wrap my mind around the idea of the labor that will begin any day and the reality of a new little soul waiting to join our family. I also have about 4 brain cells left in my 38 week pregnant brain (I forgot what we planned to eat for dinner 3 times yesterday and had to keep asking Daniel), … [Read more...]

8 Reasons Molly Weasley Is a Great Literary Mama

Since becoming a mother, I read my favorite children’s books with different eyes. I find myself more interested in Marmee than Jo March and more fascinated by Caroline Ingalls than by Laura. One of my favorite mamas from literature is Molly Weasley. But what exactly makes this stay-at-home mom of seven so admirable? I’m sharing why I think she's so great in honor of Mother's Day coming up this … [Read more...]

Women Speak on NFP: How NFP Got Me Pregnant


This is a guest post by my dear friend Kaitlin of More Like Mary~More Like Me. in the Women Speak on NFP series. In this series you will hear from women using various methods of NFP, some to avoid pregnancy, some trying to conceive, and their experiences. Disclaimer: This series is not meant to be a substitute for any method of training in NFP! If you are interested in one of the methods … [Read more...]

Sanity-Saving Moments of Renewal for Mamas

Find me over at Mama and Baby Love today sharing what I've learned about staying refreshed while mothering little ones... "When I had my first baby, I was so focused on the pregnancy and preparing myself for a natural birth that I didn’t do a lot of mental preparation for motherhood. And I soon discovered that motherhood is hard. For me, one of the most difficult transitions was getting used to … [Read more...]

Catholicism: Empowering Women for 2000 Years (Part IV: “My Body Isn’t Broken,” The Church and Contraception)

Another post about birth control, Haley? Really? It's true. Sorry, folks. But I think Catholic teaching on contraception is really crucial to understanding the respect for womanhood that the Church affirms. This is Part IV of this series, so be sure to read about how Marian doctrine, the Catholic understanding of vocation, and the female saints and doctors of the Church empower women before … [Read more...]