Baptismal Traditions (And Giveaway from CheruBalm!)

Baptismal Traditions // Carrots for Michaelmas

Today I’m partnering with CheruBalm to chat baptismal traditions (and offering a great giveaway at the end of the post!). As we’ve been unpacking in our new house, I uncovered the box with the kids’ baptismal candles and special mementos from their baptismal days (such sweet memories!) and I've received a few questions about baptismal traditions so lately so it just seemed timely. Baptism days … [Read more...]

These Are a Few of My Favorite Things (FaithBeads Giveaway!) {Sponsored Post}

FaithBeads by Erin Heller

I love to support small family businesses. And I love heirloom-quality, vintage-inspired rosaries. Put 'em together and you get FaithBeads--beautiful rosaries and jewelry made by a Catholic mama in her at-home business. The artist behind FaithBeads is Erin Heller, Catholic homeschooling mama of three. Erin converted from agnosticism 10 years ago before marrying her husband, a cradle Catholic. … [Read more...]

Getting the Eastertide Party Going {Sponsored Post}


When I was chatting with Christy and Bonnie on the Fountains of Carrots podcast recently, I realized that while we have some set traditions for observing Lent in our home, we haven't developed as much for celebrating Eastertide (50 days!) after Easter Sunday comes to an end. But we're slowly and surely adding in some solid Easter traditions in our home, so I thought I'd share. Kick it Off! One … [Read more...]

Skip Black Friday and Support a Good Cause


  I'll be honest. I don't enjoy going shopping on a regular ol' day. I much prefer using "me" time to read a novel with a cup of coffee. And so Black Friday? Yeah....I don't leave my house. We usually snuggle in with some hot cocoa and Thanksgiving leftovers. I have no problem opting out of the shopping madness on Thanksgiving weekend. If you have Christmas shopping to do today, … [Read more...]

TWaterburyWraps GIVEAWAY (Gorgeous bracelets and ninth babies)


This post is sponsored by TWaterburyWraps. Meet Teresa Waterbury and her gorgeous family: Go ahead and count 'em. Yup. That's eight boys! And Teresa is expecting their ninth baby any day. And to make it even more exciting, they don't know whether this little one will be Baby Boy #9 or Baby Girl #1. Whoa! In Teresa's free time (which I'm sure is abundant as she raises EIGHT boys) she … [Read more...]

Baby-Friendly Saintly Gifts (Shining Light Dolls GIVEAWAY!)

Shining Light Dolls

This post is sponsored by Shining Light Dolls. I have a treat for you today! A few months ago, I shared about what we were stuffing our kids' Easter baskets with. I was having a hard time finding something for Baby Gwen that she wouldn't choke on. And I found Shining Light Dolls and their baby-friendly Our Lady of Guadalupe doll (the stars on her mantle made me think of my Gwen … [Read more...]

Holy Heroes, Where Have You Been All My Life? (Giveaway!)

Holy Heroes Giveaway // Carrots for Michaelmas

Let me set the stage for you...I'm eating BBQ (amazing BBQ) in the Austin airport with a couple of other Edel attendees (psst! Did you hear the announcement!?) feeling excited to go home and see my family and super sad that Edel is over. One of the gals at the table had been one of the vendors at Edel. We strike up a conversation as I gather my belongings and we wait for our flight to board.  As … [Read more...]

In Which Daniel Reviews a Book on Sewing (and a Giveaway!)

Sewing School 2

My lovely friend Nicole Bennett, blogger of Gidget Goes Home and creator of The Motherhood and Jane Austen Book Club, wrote a fantastic ebook on the basics of sewing--something I want to learn to do. It's called Sewing School 101: Simple Tips to Get You Stitching. I've been so excited to share the book with you,'s hard to vouch for a book on sewing when you know less than nothing … [Read more...]

The One Weekly Planner I Use: Mama’s Notebooks Giveaway!

photo (20)

This is what it looks like when I sneak out of the house to plan out the week and write while Daniel handles bedtime. Chamomile tea and Mama's Notebooks. Also my laptop, but I start with the notebooks so I know what I need to tackle first. Maybe it's because I'm a visual learner, but if something is out of doesn't exist to me. Which is why keeping a calendar on a phone app has never … [Read more...]

Do You Have Things? Do You Need a Bag for Those Things? (A Giveaway from Drawstrings!)

Drawstrings giveaway.jpg

So excited to be hosting a great giveaway today from Drawstrings by Wanda Styrsky of Re-inventing Mother! Wanda is a faithful Carrots reader and an all-around lovely gal. Wanda recently started selling her handmade bags and they are beautiful. She chooses the cutest fabrics and I can personally attest to the fact that they are sturdy and well-made because this adorable bag has survived … [Read more...]