A Hobbit Birthday!

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Our sweet boy is FIVE! And after Daniel read The Hobbit to him last year, he's been requesting a Hobbit birthday party (and he loves watching the animated Hobbit movie). We don't throw large, elaborate birthday parties for our kids, but we do like to make it special. Preparations The big kids had a slumber party at grandma's house the night before the party, so Daniel and I spent the whole day … [Read more...]

To Lucy, on her Second Birthday


Oh, Lucy, Lucy, my Lucy, Nothing could have prepared me for how much I love you. From the moment I realized I was pregnant, I loved you more than I’d ever loved anything. I don’t mean I loved your brother less, I mean that my heart expanded in that moment and has never been the same. I loved you so when you turned one, but I know that I will love two even more. None of my pregnancies have been … [Read more...]

Our Pirate Turns Four!


I love my kids and I love to celebrate their birthdays, but we keep things super simple: homemade cake, family party with grandparents, aunts, uncles, and baby cousin, just a few gifts. And they absolutely love it. Perhaps if I were the Martha Stewart type, planning a giant party would be a fun thing, but as things are, I think it would stress me out, overwhelm my kids, and be out of our … [Read more...]

Happy Birthday, Bright Star!


Sweet Lucy's first birthday was almost three weeks ago, but in typical "I'm pregnant and behind on everything" fashion, I'm way overdue for a Happy Birthday reflection: Dear Lucy, The afternoon before your first birthday my morning sickness suddenly improved a little bit. After weeks of barely functioning, I wasn't sure how long this no-vomiting spell would last so we called your … [Read more...]

My Best Birthday Card Ever


It's been a fun and crazy day of playing at the outside museum, no good napping for Baby Lucy because has a little cough that's waking her out of her slumber, and prepping my ballet classes to teach little ballerinas all afternoon. So, just a short post to share the best birthday card anyone has ever given me: "Dear Mama, Thank you. I like that you're my mama AND I like you. You take … [Read more...]

Happy Birthday, Mary (from a 3-year-old)


It's a birthday weekend at our house. My father-in-law's birthday was yesterday and I get to share a birthday (27!) with Our Lady today. When Benjamin heard that we would be celebrating Mary's birthday, he asked to make her a card. "Blue paper because she loves blue. And a pink cake with candles on the front." Blue and pink, Our Lady's colors of faithfulness and love. Here's what he asked me … [Read more...]

A Dinosaur Birthday

Ever since his farm-themed two year birthday party ended, Benjamin has been telling me that he wanted a dinosaur birthday when he turned three. "Well, you shall have it, my love," I told him. Daniel's parents picked out some pretty fantastic decor and our Little Bear dressed like the paleontologist he is with his special dinosaur fossil digging hat. I told him that he could invite whoever … [Read more...]

Tomorrow You’re THREE!

Oh, Benjamin, my little paleontologist, Tomorrow you will wake up and you will have turned the venerable age of THREE. The twos that I have loved so much will be over.  I loved the day when you turned two. And I loved your First Birthday, too. So many gifts of grace you have brought to our lives. The Blessed John Paul II wrote that the enemy of true love is selfishness. Being your … [Read more...]

Happy 27th, Daniel!

Happy 27th Birthday Apple Streusel Breakfast to the most wonderful husband and daddy! This man. I am grateful for him every single day. Of the innumerable things I adore about him, I love that he is constantly creating. He writes poems and stories. He grows food from the ground. He bakes bread and cooks feasts. He builds beautiful things out of wood. And he loves his family and takes care … [Read more...]