‘Fessing Up: The Best News Ever

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So, there’s something I haven’t told you. And I’ve been DYING to tell you! I know it’s been very quiet around Carrots and on the FB page for the past month. But it’s for a better reason that just getting busy, Nutcracker rehearsal season arriving, and watching too many BBC miniseries…

Yes! We’re pregnant! 9 weeks tomorrow. We are thrilled, excited, psyched, and grateful to be blessed with another little soul. I’ve also been oh so queasy and oh so exhausted which is exactly in line with my other pregnancies first trimester. Be gone first trimester! Let’s get into that second trimester energy kick, please. You know, the one where this unorganized, messy girl actually feels like organizing the bathroom storage cabinet and other nifty uncharacteristic projects? Yeah, let’s get there.

We decided to wait to announce it until our first Dr.’s appointment. There’s something so reassuring about seeing that teensy tiny beating heart.

And I’ll be honest. I was kind of nervous. Actually really nervous. I had completely worked myself up because I had some minor spotting–something I’ve never had during either pregnancy. And last week my nausea actually got a little better–something that never happens this early in a pregnancy for me. I was just convinced something was wrong. And when the Dr. pointed to the ultrasound screen and said, “Look. There’s the heart beating,” I started to cry. “Really!? It’s beating!? You’re sure!?” Oh, praise God. Most beautiful little sight I’ve ever seen.

Today I’m not looking as glowing as I did in this sweet pics our friend Lauren of Simply Inspired Mama took. In fact, I look downright frightening. I managed to catch a stomach flu yesterday, on top of the morning sickness, and have only gotten out of bed to puke since last night. So, prayers please. I’ve been sipping on water and am totally keeping it down after 20 minutes. Progress!

So, I think I can promise you a quieter Carrots in the coming weeks. I’m queasy, tired, and my brain doesn’t work. I really don’t think I can handle much more than one (maybe two) posts a week for awhile. But come next May I can offer you pictures of a new squishy, adorable baby. So, that’s something, right? Nobody’s mad?


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  1. Rachel says

    I’m new to your site and haven’t posted a comment yet. But I can’t think of a better reason to do so than to say, Congratulations! Congratulations! Congratulations!

  2. says

    Congratulations!!! I’m so excited for y’all!!!! πŸ™‚ How wonderful!!!! I think this comment is lacking exclamation points so here’s some more!!!!!!!!!!!

  3. Miriam says

    Congratulations!!!! Praise God for the good news at the doctor’s and for the beautiful new baby that I just cannot wait to meet in pictures! You can count on my prayers in the following months!
    P.D. I hope you get better soon!

  4. LMM says

    I knew it I knew it I knew it! Yay, Haley! Congratulations! (PS: not to make this about me, but I’m 10.5 weeks pregnant with number three, and have just been feeling better in the last few days. Prayers that you feel better soon! Yay for new babies!)

      • LMM says

        I don’t know! According to my chart, May 8; according to the first day of my last cycle, May 10. And I have my first ultrasound tomorrow, which might give me a different day altogether. I trust the chart. : ) But it will be so nice to see that little heartbeat tomorrow! And May babies are the best – my first son was May 21, and I have the sweetest memories of that first summer together.

  5. says

    You! I had this feeling! Congratulations!

    How old will Lucy be? You are going to be perpetually busy! I don’t mean that in a negative way, at all.

    I felt like 3 was an easier transition than one or two, but one that never totally relaxed, if that makes sense? You need to get to it so you can give me homeschooling advice – how to do it with an almost 2 year old squiggly monkey in tow?

    (They’re all here now, looking at the pictures of Lucy, and saying “is that me?”)

    Congratulations, all over the place!

    (I need to go watch some ‘inja moves now…you know those ninjas.)

    • Haley says

      Lucy will be 19 months. Still such a baby! It will be a different ball game because Benjamin totally understood what was going on when she was born (he was 2.5) but L will have NO IDEA WHAT’S COMING. She won’t even remember life before baby #3. I so hope they’re little besties.

  6. Sarah says

    Congratulations!!!!! I have to say…..when you first posted the family pictures I totally thought that is where that post was going! So glad to hear my hunch was right πŸ™‚ I hate the first trimester too….I will keep you and your little bean in my prayers!

  7. Meghan says

    Congratulations! Y’all make such beautiful babies! I am obsessed with your blog so please post when you aren’t feeling so puny!

  8. says

    Ok, so this is a bit random, but I was totally thinking about you the other day and wondering if another baby was in the works. Lo and behold! Many congratulations! (And prayers!)

  9. says

    so excited for ya’ll! and those pictures! seriously, they are so lovely! congratulations again! maybe next time i am in town we could get together and lets the kids play! it would be wild but i am sure the boys could wear one another out!

  10. says

    Congrats! As soon as I saw the “Fessing Up” title, I had a little hint that maybe you were. . . I tried to hide my pregnancies for the first several weeks too and I always felt like I was lying to people! Have you tried Ginger for the morning sickness? I’d read about it for morning sickness somewhere and didn’t really believe it, but I was desperate and bought some chewy Ginger candies and they helped loads with my last pregnancy, working almost immediately. #3 is SO much easier than the last two – you’re practically a pro now and it’s kind of like, “What’s one more kid?” There are days when things get a little hairy, especially when they’re all still little like yours and mine are, but it’s a blast watching them all interact with each other!

    • Haley says

      That’s so encouraging, Ashley. I have had some moments when I’ve thought…hmmm….how would I do such-and-such with THREE littles to wrangle? But I’ll figure it out, right?

      And really there’s nothing better than watching them interact. After naptime Lucy kept hugging Benjamin this afternoon and he was just eating it up. Gave me a cute attack.

      I’ve tried some ginger teas and such. I got me some ginger “Preggy Pops” in the mail today, though and I’m gonna give them a go! Thanks for the tip!

  11. Autumn says

    After falling in love with your blog last month, I found out THIS month that I am pregnant with my VERY FIRST BABY!! And lo and behold, youre expecting again too ! Now I’m wondering if it wasn’t just one of those serendipitous occurances that I should find Carrots when I did. You’re a bit ahead of me, so I look forward to reading all your experiences before I get there myself πŸ™‚ No puking yet for me, just all day long nausea- oh fun fun. So even though you’re in Florida and I’m in Alaska, and you’re Catholic and I’m… not much at all?… I’ll be reading!! Blessings to your sweet family and the newest especially.

    • Haley says

      Oh my goodness, congratulations! Hopefully you’re one of the lucky gals that won’t ever start puking. Wishing you a nausea-free pregnancy very soon! Alaska?! I would never make it. I’m wearing a scarf and hat and it’s only 65 degrees out, haha. And thank you! So happy for you as you look forward to meeting your little one!!!

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