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Happy Michaelmas! Today is Carrots for Michaelmas’ 3 year blogiversary. Now seems like the right time to confess that the words blog, blogger, blogging, and blogiversary are some of my least favorite words in the English language. But it can’t be helped! There’s no other word for it. Happy Blogiversary to Carrots!

Carrots started out simply as a way to document our celebrations of the liturgical year and post pictures of Benjamin for our extended family when we still lived far away in Texas. And until this year, that’s still really all it was—a space for me to write and share about family and Catholicism and all the things I love. Carrots had about 10 hits a day. Then I wrote one post that went viral. It just really seemed to resonate with other mothers and it started an amazing conversation about books and daughters and parenting. A conversation over 500 comments long. And it was so delightful to start connecting with other women who wanted to mother in a thoughtful way. And I met some kindred spirits. And I suddenly had readers (that weren’t, you know, my sweet mom)! I’m still getting used to having 50,000 page views a month as opposed to the 300 I used to get. I know it’s still not a ton for a blog, but I’m truly amazed that thousands of people would take the time to read what I’ve written.

So what I really want to say on this beautiful Michaelmas day is thank you. I truly have the most wonderful readers. Your encouragement and wisdom mean so much to me and bring so much to this space. Some of you have truly become friends. So, if you are a longtime reader, thank you. If you’re brand new, thank you. If you’re a faithful commenter, thank you. If you’ve never left a comment in your life, thank you. If you’ve sent me an email, thank you. I’m just so glad you’re here.

If you don’t mind taking a minute to share, what brought you to Carrots? What do you like to read about? Catholicism? Celebrating the Christian Year? Homeschooling? Books? Motherhood? Marriage? Urban Homesteading? Surviving on one income? What really strikes your fancy? What do you wish there was more of? Questions you want to ask me? Go!

(photo taken by Lauren of Simply Inspired Mama)

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  1. Miriam says

    Happy Michaelmas and Happy Blogiversary, Haley!

    Thank you for sharing about your faith, your family…and literature! I just wanted to let you know how much I love your blog, and that today, for the first time, I celebrated Michaelmas, with the prayer you posted and with the delicious recipe of glazed carrots you suggested.

    I hope you have a blessed day and that we can read you for many years to come!

  2. Lisa says

    Happy Blogaversary! I found your site through Pintrest. I am on my way to becoming a wife and I’m also beginning to explore my spiritual side after many years trying to pretend it wasn’t there. I find myself inspired by your site.

    Have a wonderfully blessed day.

  3. says

    I came to Carrots through the “10 reasons” posts. I love the blog because I so rarely meet any other young moms who love the same things I do. Discussions of the liturgical year and classical literature just don’t happen for me too frequently offline, so I feel connected here. Thanks so much!!

  4. says

    I love your blog because while not having the same beliefs (I’m pagan) we share the same values in parenting -LOVED “there’s no paycheck for motherhood”. I feel it’s an honest blog from somebody I could be friend with in real life 🙂

  5. says

    I found my way to you through that books post on Simple Mom that went viral. I’ve been here ever since. I love all of it- the books, the liturgical year in a family context, your photos, the frank discussions about the ups and downs of motherhood (and how preschoolers sometimes wear pajamas in public). Happy anniversary, Carrots…keep up the good work.

  6. Jen says

    Happy Blogiversary! May you continue to post with humor, truth and vigor…lol!
    I love your blog, all topics. I am not a Catholic, but I love reading your posts surrounding that topic. Books, MOTHERHOOD (my favorite,) homesteading-you write on these subjects with a simple grace that brings me joy and a smile every time I read your blog! That’s talent sister…:-)
    Keep up the awesome work, and here’s to another 3 and more!
    Random Stranger 🙂

  7. says

    I came in through a link on Simple Moms – the ten books post. As a PANK (professional aunt; no kids,) I love hearing about other peoples’ children. Low church Episcopal here, but I love hearing of other devotional practise. Being a long time resident of what is called the inner city, urban homesteading and living on a very limited income is also good to read.

  8. says

    I came here thru pinterest originally and stuck around because there was just too much in common – religion, food and parenting ideas, etc. I love knowing that there are other folks out there who purposefully live simply, celebrate little hol{y}days and tear up their yards for food!

  9. says

    Happy Blogiversary!

    I found your site through a comment you made on SlowMama – I was going to make the same point you made, but you beat me to it (and said it more eloquently than I would have). I really enjoy everything you write about, especially since I can relate to most of it.

  10. says

    Just found you this week and am here to stay! I think I read every post you have a link to on the left. I love your “awesome family planning” and wish it wasn’t so darn socially insane to live what I call the “trust method” (which is basically the same thing). I love your thoughts on books, gardening, mothering, religion, and being a wife. Oh and on BBC movies and such. Keep those coming!

  11. Mari says

    I’m not even sure how I found your blog, but I was looking for a way to connect virtually with other Catholic, homeschooling mamas of littles. I like all of your posts–one income, religion posts (we celebrated Michaelmas using your post as a guide), simple living–anything! Keep ’em coming!

  12. Elizabeth P. says

    I came here from MBL when I saw that you would be her Garden Editor. I stuck around because your posts just drew me in. There are too many things I love about your blog! I love that I’m learning about someone else’s lifestyle, point-of-view, and beliefs. That’s one of the great things about blogs – other than learning how to make a 4th of July wreath, my mind is being exposed to variety and learning about other people. And I just think that you have wonderful writing skills… it’s so easy to read your posts, that really helps retain readers! CofM… keep up the good work, you are wonderful!! 🙂

  13. says

    I found your blog through a 10 things pinterest post. Imagine my surprise when I realized you too were a Catholic Momma with many of the same interests as me. I struck gold, haha! I have read many of your posts and have loved each one. Keep up the awesome work!

  14. says

    Happy Blogiversary! I honestly can’t remember how I came across your blog, but I have been hooked ever since! I really enjoy your writing voice, and I think you could make just about any topic interesting. I love all the topics you write about – urban homesteading, parenting, adorable but sometimes exceedingly active little boys – you are truly a blogger after my own heart 🙂 That being said, there were a couple posts that really hit me, made me cry, and actually helped me deepen my own faith – your conversion story, marriage is a kind of death, and a dog could take care of your child. I am so inspired by you and your husband; young college students, looking for answers in an intellectual way, and coming to the Catholic faith. Even though I go to a Catholic university, I used to shy away from sharing my faith with others, for fear of being judged or seen as too ‘churchy’.

    So thank you for being such a wonderful example of a young, faith-filled couple, who aren’t afraid to share their beliefs!

  15. Renee says

    Dear Haley,

    Sorry for the belated comment; I am a slow reader. But I am a reader-in-love. I don’t remember how I have found your blog; most likely, it was the same ‘Ten Books’ post, though I am not sure. I just feel now as though I read you for years. You are so thoughtful, and wise, and soft, and brave. Your posts are always great food for reflection, and they are incredibly homely and friendly. And your kids are SO sweet and adorable, they stole my heart!
    I am not a religious person, it’s true; however, I am open-minded and read about your faith with a deep interest, too.

    Thank you very much! May your family be always happy and healthy.

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