Choosing Maternity Items You Can Use for Your Post-Partum Wardrobe

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And now for more thrifty and versatile maternity wear! Earlier this week, Katherine shared some of her favorite non-maternity items that can do double duty as maternity and today I want to share some of my favorite maternity essentials that can help carry you through the post-partum days.

The post-partum days are tricky wardrobe-wise. And since I usually gain half my pre-pregnancy weight during those nine months (I’m not even joking), just because I’ve given birth doesn’t mean I’m going to be able to zip up my size 2 jeans for a good while (erm…8 or 9 months). Also, during those first weeks after giving birth, I just want to snuggle and nurse my baby and the idea of going clothes shopping for items that will only fit me for a few weeks of post-partum transitional size awkwardness couldn’t be less appealing. Hot tea, comfort food, baby snuggles, and a BBC miniseries? Yes, please. Shopping, no thanks.

So here’s my first attempt at a polyvore board for inspiration:

Essential Maternity Wear (for Post-Partum and Nursing)


I recommend at least one pair of maternity skinny jeans or leggings that you can pair with longer tops or shorter dresses. A cute pair of skinnies makes me feel slightly less bedraggled during pregnancy and are a lifesaver during those first few weeks when jeans sans elastic are not up to my post-partum comfort standards. Also, I find that I can fit into non-maternity tops sooner than non-maternity pants so I can just pair those maternity jeans/leggings with tops and dresses that fit my shrinking form until I’m ready for real jeans.

And like Katherine, I love non-maternity items that I can wear before, during, and after a pregnancy. One of my best recommendations for this category are nursing-friendly empire waisted tops or dresses in either stretchy material that is v-necked and can be pulled down or looser shirts that can easily be pulled up for nursing.

But I must say that my very, very favorite item for maternity and post-partum is a comfy nursing tank. I literally wear one of these every day of my life. They make great camisoles in pre-pregnancy, are supportive and comfy during pregnancy, and are forgiving and handy during post-partum nursing-every-five-minutes times. In late pregnancy when even a giant bra is uncomfortable, I love to just wear a nursing tank and they are great to lounge in during the post-partum days.

What are your essential maternity/post-partum wardrobe items?

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  1. says

    4 Words – Empire Waist Maxi Dress – I actually got one post-pregnancy (from the maternity section) and can’t wait to rock a bump underneath it in the future!

    I lived in leggings, low waisted non-maternity pants (it helped I didn’t start showing until 5 months) and tunics shirts – so comfy!

    • Haley says

      Yes, ma’am. I have been rocking an empire waist maxi dress from Target all day every day. I try to only wear it to Sunday Mass every OTHER week so as not to appear too ridiculous.

      And check you out! I start showing at 10 weeks, no joke. Partly because I’m super short (5’2) and partly because I gain insane amounts of pregnancy weight, haha.

  2. says

    I’m 5’3″ on a good day 😉 I also lost about 15- 20 lbs (18 months later I’ve officially regained all my lost weight) in my first 3 months and didn’t gain it back during pregnancy. My 23 week picture on FB is the first that really looks more than “beer belly”.

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