Earning My Grey Hair (And Feeling Weird/Great About My 30s)

Feeling weird about my 30s // Carrots for Michaelmas

This month I turned 31 and birthdays always make me want to pause and reflect on life. Last year in the midst of moving across the country I was too busy to think, so I’m doing my reflecting this year. Here’s a true confession: I was NOT expecting turning 30 last year to be a big deal. But honestly, it kinda was. My identity is shifting. I’m no longer the super young mom that gets asked if … [Read more...]

This Week’s Miscellany: Vol. 160 (Road Trip Edition!)


Every summer since I was born (save the summer I was pregnant with Benjamin) I've gone to my mom's family reunion in the North Carolina mountains. It's been even more special now that I get to bring my kids to the same mountain to explore, spend time with family, and enjoy the cool weather. Now that we're so far away in Texas, the special time with their grandparents is even more … [Read more...]

Things You Don’t Have to Do to Be a Holy Catholic Woman

Things You DON'T Have to Do to Be a Holy Catholic Woman

image source As a convert, I came into the Church with some misconceptions about what the life of a Catholic women should look like. We didn’t know many Catholics in real life. Our parish even had to rustle up a sponsor for us because we didn’t have any Catholic friends. I think his name was Mike? God bless him, wherever he is. ANYHOW, my perception of Catholic womanhood came from a small … [Read more...]

The Top 9 Changes I’ve Made for My Health

The Top 9 Changes I Made for My Health

As you might know, I struggle with a really miserable autoimmune disease called Interstitial Cystitis. While I was able to go into remission a few years ago by getting my health in order naturally (after many failed attempts to get better through conventional Western medicine), it came back with a vengeance 18 months ago in the stress of selling our house and moving to the farm. For several … [Read more...]

European Living in the Heart of Waco


  I couldn't be more in love with our new location. It truly warms the cockles of my heart. Our parish is close enough that we can not only walk to Mass, but we can hear the church bells from our bedroom. And we can hear them loud and clear if we're playing in the yard. I feel very medieval getting dressed for Mass and walking past little houses with the bell tower in … [Read more...]

Friday Fashion Frivolity: Birthday Outfit

Jayme Short by Kut from the Kloth from Stitch Fix

Every so often, we chat fashion at Carrots. I hope it feels like going shopping with a friend, but not having to try on jeans….or leave your couch. So here’s the drill. I share a new box of Stitch Fix items, tell ya my thoughts, get my family's takes (which is really the only reason you’re reading this, right?), and share what I kept and what I sent back. (I’m not gonna go into the details … [Read more...]

The Unoriginal Awesomeness of Stranger Things

The Unoriginal Awesomeness of Stranger Things

We're the sort of unpleasant people who assume that because everyone else likes something, we probably won’t. (We sound charming, don't we?) Anyhow, it it took us a little while to try out Stranger Things. At first I fell in love with the aesthetic, but we were surprised that it just didn't seem very original. The cop battling his inner demons, the nerdy middle schooler outcasts, the good girl … [Read more...]

Liturgical Living at a Glance: September 2016

Liturgical Living Resources for Holy Days in September (Mother Teresa, Nativity of the Blessed Virgin Mary, Michaelmas, and more!) // Carrots for Michaelmas

I’m always trying to figure out how to make it easier for families to observe the Christian Year because we felt so overwhelmed when we first started that journey (which is why we wrote the book we wish we had then).  I thought it might be helpful for our family to have resources compiled for the month ahead so that we can plan in advance which special saints days we want to observe and I hope … [Read more...]

Why You Needn’t Bother with Harry Potter and the Cursed Child

Why You Needn't Bother with Harry Potter and the Cursed Child

Yes, I read it. And I’ve had a couple of weeks to process Harry Potter and the Cursed Child, this big disappointment of a play that picks up where the epilogue in the final book of the Harry Potter series ends. I love Harry Potter. I have always been stridently against Rowling continuing the story that was so perfectly completed in Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows. The series wraps up so … [Read more...]

The Conversation We Have to Have with Our Kids

The Conversation We Have to Have with Our Kids

This post is sponsored by Covenant Eyes. My oldest child is seven years old. In a perfect world, I would not have to worry about protecting him from pornography. But, this is not a perfect world and I absolutely have to worry about it. But at age SEVEN? Surely, I don’t have to worry til my kids are teenagers, right? Recently, my friend Jenny shared a great series on her blog about porn … [Read more...]