Advent Unplugged Wrap Up (Link Up)


This year I tried to do some intentional social media unplugging during Advent and lots of other folks joined me. You can read about it in the original post and the updates for Week 1 and Week 2. Advent is coming to a close and Christmas is almost here! Take a few moments before Wednesday and reflect on this season of Advent. Here's a few things I'm taking away from this season and I can't wait … [Read more...]

Advent Unplugged: Week 2


I am so enjoying reading all of your Advent Unplugged posts. The insights you are sharing are so motivating to me and the accountability is really helping me strive to stay on course (or get back on course when I get wrapped up in my laptop again!) Here's some insights I'm having as I struggle to be/stay unplugged: The distraction of social media was becoming such a focus in my life that it … [Read more...]

New Shoes and St. Nicholas Day


Each year we get the kids a new pair of shoes for St. Nicholas Day (the ones above are for the girls, my favorite shoes for babies and toddlers!) and then we fill them with treats. It's our big gift-exchange day instead of Christmas (although we do Christmas morning fun with Daniel's family). We start out the day with Mass, then the kids get to open their gifts and try on their new shoes while we … [Read more...]

Advent Unplugged: Week 1


Joining me for Advent Unplugged? Basically, I'm make some commitments to unplug from social media and my laptop during this season. You can read more about my Advent Unplugged goals and read what other bloggers have shared in the original link up. But each Monday during Advent, I'd like to share with you about how my Advent Unplugged is going and open up a new link-up for you to share and for us … [Read more...]

Why Advent Should Terrify You


You can find me over at Catholic Exchange today talking about the scary side of Advent--something I've been thinking about since I went on an Advent retreat last year. "We’ve made a huge mistake. We’ve made the Incarnation safe and comfortable. We like it warm and fuzzy with soft lambs bleating as they rest on clean hay. And, yes, it is beautiful and joyful and splendid. But we’ve sanitized it … [Read more...]

An Advent Music Playlist and Marian Grace Giveaway!


I really enjoyed creating last year's Advent music playlist: Sleepers, Wake! to learn more about songs appropriate for the Advent season and to help me hold off on the Christmas music until Christmastide. So I really wanted to make a new one this year! It's a little bit shorter than the first one, but I hope you'll enjoy it. It's got a little something for everyone, from very traditional Advent … [Read more...]

Are You Ready for Advent? (at Catholic Exchange)

Catholic Exchange is running an excerpt from our ebook today about the season of Advent... "Advent (not New Year’s) is the beginning of the Christian Year and it’s considered a ‘little Lent.’ It’s quiet. It’s somber. It’s full of waiting and hoping. Just as there can be no real celebration of the Resurrection without the pain of Good Friday, there can be no real Christmas without the … [Read more...]

Advent Unplugged (A Link Up!)


I have a confession to make: I need to unplug during this Advent season. I need to stop distracting myself and focus on preparing my heart for Jesus. I find myself less and less able to just live life and BE. Instead I keep reaching for my phone, filling the minutes between one activity and the next with social media and it needs to stop. NOW. This quiet, reflective time of Advent is coming at … [Read more...]

24 Picture Books for Advent and Christmas


It's been a couple of years since I wrote about picture books for Advent and Christmas and we have acquired so many more good ones to share with you! This year I'm going to wrap each book with wrapping paper so that the kids can unwrap one each morning of Advent. And we will probably keep using our Story of Christmas Advent Calendar of little storybook ornaments because Benjamin loves it so much … [Read more...]

Our Book! It’s Here! It’s Finally Here!

Feast - our liturgical year cook book from carrots for michaelmas

At long last and just in time for Advent, our ebook, Feast! Real Food, Reflections, and Simple Living for the Christian Year, is here! Thank you so much, Carrots readers, for all of your encouragement and excitement about this project. I can't believe that we FINALLY get to share it with you! I'm thrilled and a little nervous to finally send this book out into the world. We're having a special … [Read more...]