This Week’s Miscellany: Vol. 86

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I can’t believe it’s almost been a month since the last TWM! Getting ready for Holy Week, Holy Week, more than a week of traveling across the country with three tiny children followed by several days of recovering from traveling across the country with three tiny children. Whew. Busy days at Casa Stewart. But busy GOOD days. And nobody’s been sick, so wonders never cease.

I was surprised by how much fun it was to take a big family road trip. And I loved those (granted very few) moments in the car when the kids would fall asleep and Daniel and I could talk and plan and dream.

photo 1 (6)

In the Liturgical Year: It’s still Easter! And you thought Catholics were crazy for celebrating Christmas for twelve days? Easter lasts for 50. Yup, FIFTY days. And because we were really were intentional about keeping things simple during Lent, I feel no guilt in partying it up. But I should perhaps, stop eating all the Trader Joe’s cookie butter in one sitting. (How long can I use breastfeeding as an excuse to eat thousands more calories than is reasonable? A really long time? Great.)

photo 2 (7)

Daniel snapped this photo when we were on our way to the Easter Vigil which, I’m very pleased to announce we TOTALLY SURVIVED. There were a few tricky moments and we took turn holding Baby Gwen in the back until she fell asleep half way through, but for a 2.5 hour long service, the kids were really great. And we’ll do it again next year. I think it really gave the kids a sense of the excitement of Easter. What? We’re getting dressed all fancy and going to church to a Mass that STARTS after bedtime? In Lucy’s words, “I SO ‘CITED!”

photo 3 (6)

Speaking of Lucy….I just can’t handle the sweetness. We had a blast feasting and Easter egg hunting with extended family on Easter Sunday.

And we finally got to set up our Easter candles from Toadily Handmade Beeswax Candles:

photo 4 (5)

On the Homestead:

Our chickens were pretty excited to see us again after our trip.

photo 2 (6)

And the blackberries in the yard were ripe:

photo 3 (5)


Since it’s been awhile since the last TWM, I have oodles of links for you! So many links your head will explode! Either that, or you’ll just decide this post is too long and give up. I’m OK, with that. It is super long.

Did you see this amazing video about Catholicism featuring my friend Blythe? Kendra’s follow-up post is super awesome, too. And did you see that she has a new link-up going? I’m the worst about actually participating in link-ups because I’m not organized enough to post certain things on certain days, but I just love this idea.

And Daniel started a new series over at his blog on Mariology in the Early Church and it’s wonderful Can I just brag on my husband a bit? I think it’s so cool that whether he writes about Kanye West or Vikings, it’s always thought-provoking and honest and beautiful.

I also really liked Kendra’s post about her family’s experience at a relative’s funeral and wake. Our culture isolates both birth and death. I have never attended a birth other than my own deliveries and I have never seen a dead body. That is odd, isn’t it? Teaching our children how to process grief seems so essential and I love Kendra’s perspective.

And THIS VIDEO! Jen’s book Something Other Than God is OUT! And there is not one but TWO copies in the mail on their way to my house because I am going to give one away to a lucky reader. I was so excited to be part of her book trailer video. “Daniel, can you put the kids down for nap….I have do to a Google Hangout with JEN FULWILER. NO BIG DEAL! *squeal* *happy dance* *more squealing*” But don’t worry, by the time I was video chatting with Jen I was trying to be composed and playing it like I talk to famous writers everyday. I’m not sure if she was fooled. But I digress….how adorable is Dwija’s little boy in the lion costume?!

And I loved my friend Kara’s post about dying her hair green. A fun perspective on going gray (and Kendra has something to say about that, too. Kendra, you’re all over today’s TWM. Stop writing such good stuff ALL THE TIME. Sheesh.)

Also worth a read is Kelly’s post about being the last woman who ever thought she’d have five kids. And Megan’s tips for showing love to a mama of littles.


I love this picture I took of Benjamin.

photo 1 (7)

He is getting so grown up. And so handsome. Five is a really cool age. There is so much going on inside his little head. He is generous, and affectionate, and wild, and intense. Do you ever look at your child and wonder why God made him into the unique little person he is and what part he will play in God’s plans?

Question for you:

I posted my first vlog that I recorded in my bathroom last week….and it was less scary and more fun than I expected. And you seemed to like it. Or if you hated it, you haven’t told me, yet. Anyhow, I’ve had some requests for more vlogs. What do you want to hear me blather on about?

Wishing you a glorious weekend! It’s sunny in Florida again after a week of rain and flooding 🙂


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  1. Becca Mathias says

    More vlogs! I love to be able to put a voice to the blogs I have been reading,

    You could do some vlogs about favorite authors/books you like, maybe? I really love to add your favorite books to my reading list.


    • Haley says

      Haha, I’ve JUST recently bought new clothes for the first time in years. It’s tricky when you go from one pregnancy to the next and aren’t the same size from month to month. My friends and I have a clothing exchange a couple of times a year where we trade old clothes that don’t fit or that we don’t wear anymore. And then my mother-in-law usually gifts me some things from Old Navy for birthday and Christmas and I get a few items at Target occasionally. That’s about it! I’m getting my first Stitch Fix this week, though, and I’m pretty excited about that! And thank you! I tried to figure out an outfit that was fancy for Easter but that I could nurse easily in.

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