A Print Version of Feast!


Feast - our liturgical year cook book from carrots for michaelmas

Just popping in on this first day of Advent to let you know some exciting news! After receiving many, many requests for a print version of our book Feast! (lots of you wanted to give a print version as Christmas gifts!) I spent the week asking around and staying up way too late working on making it happen for you. And TA DA! You can order a print copy you can hold in your hand with real pages and all for $21.99. I haven’t even seen a copy yet, but I ordered mine and it will be here by December 16th, so if you order soon you can get them in time for Christmas!

So order here, or you can still purchase the ebook in PDF form for $7.99.

I’ll be checking in sometime tomorrow to give you an Advent Unplugged update and see how it’s going for you, and I have some great new posts in the Women Speak on NFP series coming up this week, too!



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    Wish I’d waited! I bought the pdf and took it to Staples, where I walked in and announced “I’d like this printed double-sided on premium paper, front and back laminated, and the whole thing coil-bound please.” I must have really sounded like I knew what I was doing, because they did it all…without mentioning the exorbitant cost of color printing. It ended up costing me about $90. #kickingmyself But on the other hand, it came out great. For anyone else considering this route, I would recommend having the pages printed half-size. The type is plenty large enough, and it will cut the cost by half.

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