Pretty Please, Vote for Me?!


Some wonderful reader(s) nominated Carrots for the Sheenazing Blogging Award over at A Knotted Life (named after the Venerable Fulton J. Sheen). I’m pinching myself that my name is on the same page as amazing bloggers like Simcha Fisher and Jennifer Fulwiler! Thank you so much!

And now I’m going to grovel and beg you to pretty please vote for me! It’s quick and easy, I promise.

I’m nominated in the following categories:

  • Coolest Blogger
  • Best Looking Blog
  • Most Inspiring Blog
  • Best Lifestyle Blog

House Unseen (Dwija) is nominated for Funniest Blog, Fountains of Home (Christy) and Molly Makes Do are nominated for Best Underappreciated Blog, and one of my besties in real life, Kaitlin of More Like Mary-More Like Me is nominated for Best Mommy Blog! Not telling you who to vote for or anything….ahem ; )

Extra love to whoever nominated Carrots! (And pretty please, vote!)



  1. says

    I voted :) I found this blog through Pinterest. Catholic convert?! Mother?! Book Lover?! Homesteader?! WOOT. New.Favorite.Blog. I cannot tell you how excited I am when I realize there is a new Carrots post to read. Clearly – I love your blog!

  2. Tracy says

    Voted!! How exciting…good luck! You’re absolutely my favorite blog! Congrats on the nominations…. that’s amazing in itself.

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