This Week’s Miscellany: Vol. 27

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Already a day late on this one, sorry folks! Thanks for your encouragement during this long stretch of the little ones’ colds, fevers, asthma, etc. Benjamin is feeling much better and after taking Miss Lucy to the MD yesterday, found out she’s got an ear infection and that her cough/fever is just from the little bug we’ve been passing around. I really appreciate your prayers πŸ™‚

Coming Up in the Liturgical Year: Next Saturday is the Feast of Sts. Andrew Kim Taegon, St. Paul Hasang, and the Korean martyrs. Our dear friends Joseph and Helen contributed a great post to Feast! last year with an introduction to this saints as well as recipes for some amazing Korean food to celebrate their feast day. Bulgogi!

In the Garden:Β Some microgreens are coming up (radish and kale) and we’re still getting peppers from our summer garden. Also, we’ve got these matching gardeners in their watering uniforms:

Can you tell which farmer has his pants on backwards?


Of course, trying to write a novel using Austen’s characters is mighty risky. But this Austen fanatic is 60 pages in and loving it! James is a masterful writer and knows how to give the book an Austeny feel without making it sound forced. The fact that I haven’t shut the book out of Jane-loving fury for daring to use the Pride and Prejudice characters speaks volumes. Have you read it? What did you think (without spoilers! I’m only a few chapters in!)?


DIY Teacup Candles: Simple Design

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Make Your Own Play Teepee: A Beautiful Mess (I love this so much. I want to make one with a different fabric for Benjamin for Christmas! I’ve been trying to figure out how to make him a reading nook, but there’s not a good spot in his room. This would definitely work, though.)

6 Easy Ways to Boost Your Immune System This Fall: Simple Homemade

In Defense of Nice Churches: Bad Catholic

Instagrams Worth Sharing: (I am carrotsformichaelmas on IG if you want to follow me)

Benjamin, handyman

My feet have shrunk over a full size since before I got pregnant with Lucy. Isn’t that the opposite of what should happen?

I received this charming copy of Anne-with-an-e in the mail yesterday. A surprise birthday present from a dear, dear friend who knows me well. Aren’t suprise packages one of life’s greatest joys? I wish I weren’t so bad at sending them.

Birthday scarf from Daniel from Pigeon House Goods.

I hope your Saturday is autumnal and wonderful πŸ™‚

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  1. says

    Nice robot shirt Benjamin! We have it in a size 18 months. πŸ˜‰
    I reread Anne when I was pregnant, what a trip down memory lane – oh how I want to be her when I was growing up. Anne and Ariel starting my obsession with red hair πŸ˜‰

      • says

        Did you really like the book? I am still disappointed in it and I read it nine months ago! I wrote a little review on my blog that I can’t seem to find!

        • Haley says

          I finished it yesterday morning, Christy, and I truly did enjoy it. However, the Epilogue was just dreadful and in general, I didn’t like reading from Darcy’s point of view because it seems like he should stay mysterious and most of the lovey dovey dialogue between Elizabeth and Darcy just didn’t convince me. A friend today made the point that there’s a good reason Jane Austen doesn’t write lots of lovey dovey dialogue. It just doesn’t work. But I enjoyed the murder mystery and revisiting those characters in a style that was respectful to Austen’s. Not perfect, but enjoyable.

  2. says

    I have just stumbled onto your blog, and I’m glad that I did! Three things:

    1. Thank you for the book recommendation; I’ve been looking for something good to sink my teeth into and am always looking for a good Austen re-visit (though I must admit that I am usually disappointed, it’s promising that you’re enjoying that one so much!).

    2. I think I will still enjoy Anne when I am 80. She is one of my favorite literary heroines (possibly THE favorite), and I will never tire of reading through the series (also, can I assume that you were as disappointed as I was after seeing Anne of Green Gables: The Continuing Story? Yuck.)

    3. I have to know what brand of shoes you’re wearing on your shrunken feet. They are adorable, and I’m fairly certain a pair of them is desperately longing to take up residence in my closet.

    • Haley says

      Ah! Don’t even get me started on Anne the Continuing Story! Worst. Thing. Ever.

      And thanks! the shoes are Blowfish brand. I’m really liking them. I had a similar pair, same brand two years ago that survived for a long time even though I wore them every day.

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