Giveaway Winner and an Imminent Hair Cut

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And the winner of the Catholic Family Gifts children’s book giveaway is…Molly of Molly Makes Do! Congrats, Molly! Email or FB message me your address, and I’ll mail you your  book. Thank you, Catholic Family Gifts for sponsoring this great giveaway!

And now, friends. I need help. It’s been too long since I got a hair cut and I’m about to schedule one BUT…I’m still trying to decide how to get it cut. If you don’t want to hear me blather about my hair conundrum, feel free to stop reading now. I promise to have something more interesting tomorrow (I’m finally posting our conversion story). Ye have been warned…

So, right now it’s looooong. Longer than I can ever remember having my hair. Furthermore, my pregnancies have made my previously stick straight hair some sort of wavy inbetweeny nonsense that I don’t know how to style. And Florida is humid so it gets frizzy and I’m clueless as to how to use product with long hair. If I take the time to actually straighten it, it looks like this:

But I NEVER EVER take the time to do that. As in, I haven’t straightened it ONCE since I got it cut months ago and my stylist straightened it. If I leave it wavy, it looks like this:

It’s nice to be able to mix it up and do french braids:

Or maiden braids (photo by Jade Pierce Photography):

Or a ballerina bun:

Or Downton Abbey hair:



I feel like I’m shedding constantly and it’s gross.

All I ever do is put it up. Really. I never ever ever wear it down.

So, I’m leaning towards chopping it all off and having short hair (which is what I had all through college). And my hair grows super fast so it wouldn’t take long for it be shoulder-length if I wanted to grow it out again. This is the style I’m thinking about:

Short, blondish, and easy to style with a teensy bit of product.


When I get pregnant I gain 50-60 pounds and pine for some length (thankfully, breastfeeding makes me lose it all pretty quickly). But for some reason I think longer hair looks better when I have chubby pregnant face. And since we don’t try to avoid pregnancy, it’s likely that I’ll be up to my old pregnant weight gaining tricks soon and wishing I had longer hair. But then again…maybe I’ll just gain 25 lbs like a normal person next time around. Who can say?

Advise me, O, brilliant ones!

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  1. claire says

    I HAD THAT CARRIE MULLIGAN HAIRCUT! I loooooooooved it. And– it grew back out quite nicely into a long bob.

    • Haley says

      K. That’s what I’m leaning toward. I bet that looked super cute on your wavy/curly locks, Miss Claire.

  2. says

    Um, yay! So glad I was up at the crack of dawn to see this! We had a very eventful weekend and this is just perfect! In fact we just picked up a bunch of little Catholic books at the thrift store for Henry’s “Mass Bag” and this will be a perfect addition. I’ll have to do a little post about it later!

    Thank you!

    • Haley says

      You’re welcome, Molly! I probably won’t have a chance to send it until Friday or Saturday. I’ve been thinking about doing a Mass bag post, too. If you do one, I’ll link to yours.

      • says

        I post a little pic of some of our Mass books today, but I’m going to be writing a full “Why/what we take to Mass” kind of post in the next few weeks – I’ll give you a heads up!

  3. Cristina says

    I am so right there with you on this! After every baby I shed an unfortunate amount of hair, and always I am on the verge of cutting it all off (I have a dedicated Pinterest board for this), and then I chicken out and get a sad longish bob or similar, which does not help. Also I have lots of little growing-back hairs all over, which makes things wacky up there. You have a lovely face and this would look great on you, so rock it sister! And post photos — I might just get my nerve up.

    • Haley says

      The shedding grosses me out so much! All the hair I lose when I wash it…..eeeeew. Ok, I’m gonna do it! I’ll post pics for sure. Thanks for your encouragement 🙂

  4. says

    That Carey Mulligan hair is fab! I say do it. If we waited around till we were the perfect pregnant/not pregnant size would we do anything??

    • Haley says

      You are so right, Christy! I shouldn’t wait around forever. And even if I find out I’m pregnant this month, I will have two or three months of cuteness before the second trimester weight gain hits and I become Miss Chubby Face again 🙂

  5. amy griffin says

    So, I didn’t have time to read the other comments so I could be saying exactly what someone else has already said, BUT…I think you should go for it.

    If your hair grows quickly, it will grow even more quickly during pregnancy, yes? And you won’t gain 50 pounds immediately, and by the time you have a pregnant face you will have a nice bob, right?

    I think you would look lovely with that hair-do.

    Also, I always gain about 40 – with my first (Laith) 50 – and I kept waiting for myself to be “normal” and only gain 20 or so…and I just keep knocking on the door of 40. I think our bodies are pre-set. That’s what I think.

    I cut my hair very, very, very short right before I got pregnant with Bela. I have pretty fluffy, wavy, somewhat wild hair with a smattering of random ringlets, so during the pregnant grow-it-out phase it was not a nice bob, or anything. I vacillated between a 70’s teen idol (male, of course), and a 55 year old suburbanite (female) from the early 90’s. I’m tempted to e-mail you some pictures. When Zach and I see them, we reel from the shock. We’ve pushed those memories into the crevices no longer accessible for normal recollection.

    PS Your kids are so gorgeous. Ben’s quotes are my favorite part of your blog.

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