Almond Crescents for Martinmas


We wanted to celebrate the Feast of St. Martin but kept it a simple family dinner during this difficult week when our thoughts and prayers are with our dear friends and their loss.

I was teaching ballet until the evening but Daniel and Benjamin made a little feast for us. On the menu was Sauteed Zucchini with Bacon, Pecorino Romano, and Neufchatel and a Salad of fresh Arugula and Baby Lettuce with Cherry Tomatoes. Benjamin helped Daniel harvest lettuce and herbs from the garden and thought it was great fun.

St. Martin of Tours, a Roman soldier, encountered a beggar while he was riding his horse one day. In order to clothe the poor man, he tore his military cloak into two pieces and gave half to the beggar. He then dreamed that Jesus was wearing the cloak and telling the angels that Martin had clothed him. Daniel found a recipe for St. Martin’s Day Cookies which are crescent shaped to represent the horseshoes of St. Martin’s horse.



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