Hello, again

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In NC in his cool backpack with Uncle Garrett

Since my last post in April:

We moved across the country from beloved Texas to beloved North Florida where both of our families live.

I started grad school in Art History, with a concentration in medieval art and got to take a class on medieval barbarian art, Vikings, Anglo-Saxons, Picts, Celts. Lovely.

We bought a wonderful little house built in the ‘40s with wood floors, a fantastic kitchen, and a big yard.

After finishing out the summer semester well, I quit. Although the program was great, the stress of being a full-time student was not worth it to me due to the way it was interfering with my enjoyment of mothering my busy toddler. And didn’t really have a concrete plan for using my degree—not very motivating. I also plan on having a million babies and grad school was getting in the way. Just being honest.

I got a part-time job teaching ballet for the studio/company I used to dance with.

So, that about brings you up to date. I just finished school a week ago and am now trying to get our lives back in order after three months of insanity. For example, my current project is to actually unpack our bathroom. That’s the kind of shape we’re in. Boxes in the bathroom.

As soon as we’re really unpacked and uncover the cable that connects the camera to the computer, I’ll post some pictures of our house and garden.

For now you’ll just have to feast your eyes on some iphone pics of our Not So Little Bear.

Boat trip with Daniel's folks and friends Ms. Deb and Mr. Tommy

Reading his current favorite: Noah's Ark for the 200,000th time with a longsuffering Uncle Garrett

Legos with Grandaddy!

The Park!

It's a big job to help Grandaddy refill the birdseed. It also ties in well to Bear's new favorite song: Feed the Birds from Mary Poppins. He sings: "Birdies, Tupence, Tupence."

He's been quite fond of naps lately: "Seepy. Bankie. Nap. Please."

Blueberry smoothies for breakfast!

More blueberry cobbler, please!

Just hiking in NC. No big deal.


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