Being at Home


I love being at home with our little bear. After working 40 hours a week during his first year of life, being able to stay at home with him every day is blissful. I go into town maybe three times a week because there is too much fun to be had playing at our house. We read book after book and build with blocks and generally make a huge mess. It is a little bit exhausting, just as working is, but I feel like I am just where I am supposed to be instead of constantly distracted and wishing I was with my little boy. He is so full of delight and sweetness and he looked particularly adorable in his farm boy outfit today.


He loves going to the back pasture and watching the sheep.

He also gets really excited about the treasures he finds on the ground. Particularly sticks. He gets a little marching thing going when he’s got a stick.

Daniel and I have our first confession on Thursday night. Pretty daunting as I’m considering 24 ½  years of sins. I wonder if there’s a time limit. “How long have you got, Father?” Can’t say I’m looking forward to it but I think it will be a great feeling when it’s over.



  1. says

    My Dear Daughter,

    I was delighted to read this post and view these photos, first thing this morning! Benjamin is at such a great age now. We will have to plan fun outings where he can get out and roam to his heart’s content.

    Coram Deo,

  2. Elizabeth says

    Sweet Friend,

    Benjamin’s face whilst holding that stick is priceless. I can’t wait to get to know him better- and hopefully see him march with a stick.

    Love, E

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