Trembling at Confession


As we approach Holy Week, I’ve been thinking about all my friends and readers who are going through RCIA this year to be confirmed this Easter. Are you afraid about making your first Confession? I was. I was terrified. I was so excited to be confirmed, but the anxiety of making that first Confession loomed over me. It felt like an excruciating torture I was going to have to endure before being … [Read more...]

Holy Time: Lent and Cleaning Up My Whiny Soul

(Please join us in the Little HolyDays Lenten Link-Up by sharing your posts about this liturgical season. Linky below!) “I CAN’T do it! It’s TOO HARD!” whined my then 3-year-old son as he sat in the middle of his messy room and cried at the idea of having to clean up the toys, books, and stuffed animals scattered everywhere. Maybe I’m asking too much, I thought. He’s clearly overwhelmed. … [Read more...]

Little HolyDays: First Advent

Something from the archives today. I wrote this little reflection soon after Benjamin was born. It feels appropriate especially since I'm expecting during Advent again. Don't forget to link up with Little HolyDays with your old and new posts for this second week of Advent (Link Up at the bottom of the page)! I was huge. Not just big—gigantic. Even before I entered my third trimester, … [Read more...]