We live in the city, but we turned our front yard into a giant vegetable garden and love to eat eggs from our 3 squawking hens. We love eating food that we grew. Well, we just really like food!

Food and Urban Homesteading:

Our Favorite Breakfasts



Kids in the Kitchen: Introducing Your Children to Cooking




How to Gift Friends with Meals


Food Choices ARE a Moral Issue


Growing an Urban Garden




Blueberries for Benjamin





Little Fluffy White Lambs

Chicken Doomsday 2009

I’ve Got Greens and the Terrible Threes Growing in My Garden

The Bounty of the Earth


3 Slow Cooker Recipes


 Gluten-Free Real Baked Potato Soup with Sausage and Swiss Chard


Soul Cakes (Gluten Free!)



Icy Raspberry Tea




DIY Bubble Tea




Red Curry Squash Curry



Community Living:

Why We Live in Community