Finding Your Groove When Nursing a Toddler

Finding Your Groove When Nursing a Toddler from Carrots for Michaelmas

With a firstborn who hated nursing due to reflux issues, breastfeeding started as a struggle and quickly ended with regrets and feelings of failure. Then when my daughter, Lucy, was born, I got the special nursing relationship I had hoped for and planned to go on for at least two years (partly because it was going so well and partly because extended breastfeeding decreases my risk of breast … [Read more...]

On Not Knowing the Secret to Discipline

(Our three-year-old's scowl during a time-out) I really can’t decide what’s more exhausting: the sleep deprivation of the newborn stage or the behavioral challenges of “the terrible threes.” A few weeks ago a lovely reader asked for my thoughts on toddler discipline.  I called my husband over. “Daniel! Check this out! Somebody wants to know our approach to discipline!” We both got a good … [Read more...]

I’ve Got Greens and the Terrible Threes Growing in My Garden

Here's what's been going on outdoors in our neck of the woods: Lots of park dates and outside play for this little guy. Baby girl is content to just sleep in the baby wrap with Mama while Little Bear gets his wiggles out. Although the terrible threes subsided a little bit in the past couple of weeks (perhaps due to extra time with Daddy during our trip), they were back in full force … [Read more...]