3 Slow Cooker Recipes and a Cookbook Review


As you may know, I’m just now coming out of several weeks of horrible pregnancy nausea/vomiting. Food has been my arch-nemesis. I felt sick if I didn’t eat. I felt sick if I did eat. The thought of food was just unbearable. Now that my cookbooks aren’t vomit triggers and I can enjoy them again, I took an afternoon getting to know the beautiful new edition of my friend Stephanie Cornais’s From … [Read more...]

Why Using a Slow Cooker Makes Me a Better Mom

“Really, Haley? A better mom?” you ask. Folks, I’m serious. Here’s the deal: 4-5pm, when I’m trying to prepare dinner, also happens to be the hour of the day that my kids suddenly NEED me. Baby Lucy decides that not being held is some kind of baby torture and grabs my ankles and bawls. Any other time of the day I would gladly just scoop her up but when I’m sautéing onions in hot bacon grease or … [Read more...]