5 Tips for Pursuing Your Dream When You Can’t Pursue Your Dream…Yet

5 Tips for Pursuing Your Dream (When You Can't Pursue Your Dream...Yet)

I recently shared about the crazy life-changing adventure we’re going on next year. But I also want to address a few things that have come up in talking about it with you in the comments or social media about pursuing passions. There are different seasons to life. There are times when opportunity strikes and when it doesn’t. There are times when either the budget or your time cannot be … [Read more...]

Holy Time: The Gift of the Liturgical Year

“The liturgical year is not an idle discipline, not a sentimentalist definition of piety, not an historical anachronism. It is Jesus with us, for us, and in us as we strive to make His life our own. It is goad and guide to the kind of personal spirituality that is worthy of the Jesus whose commitment to the Word of God led Him all the way to the cross and beyond it—to Resurrection.” (Joan … [Read more...]

The Feast of the Archangels: Michaelmas 2010


We feasted on what turned out to be a mini-Thanksgiving late last night with four friends and my brother. It was lovely to feast and celebrate St. Michael and the Archangels and share lots of orange, autumnal, beta-carotene-packed edibles at the change of season. And speaking of the change of season, Michaelmas is a feast that comes after the fall Ember Days (last Wednesday, Friday, and Saturday) … [Read more...]