Reading Goals for 2013


I feel pretty glum about the length of my 2012 completed reads. It was a year of sleep-deprivation and pregnancy nausea but I think that if ahead of time I'd had a plan for completing all the books I wanted to finish, maybe I wouldn't have dropped the ball? So, to have some accountability, I want to post my reading goals for 2013 and leave a little breathing room for your suggestions (I added … [Read more...]

Books I Read in 2012


I adore perusing everyone's reading lists from the previous year, so I thought I’d share mine as well. Though, I warn you, it’s not at all impressive! An infant that woke several times a night for the first half of the year, and the terrible morning sickness accompanying a new pregnancy during the second half of the year meant that any brain cells left for reading were in short supply. But without … [Read more...]