My Favorite Posts of 2014


Yesterday I shared the 10 most popular posts at Carrots from 2014. But, as always, some of MY favorite posts weren't included. Because the funny thing about blogging is that you never know what's going to strike a chord. Sometimes the piece I spent weeks mulling over and crafting falls flat while the spur of the moment post goes viral. If I've learned anything, it's to just keep writing stuff that … [Read more...]

Starting the New Year Over with My “One Word” for 2014


For various reasons, January 2014 has not been our month. I woke up on Feb. 1st breathing a sigh of relief. January felt like we were being buffeted from one major crisis to another, all while I was sick with my umpteenth round of tonsilitis and fighting milk supply issues. Hopefully, I shaved off a little bit of time in Purgatory? New year’s goals and resolutions? I didn’t even have a chance to … [Read more...]

Goals for the New Year


So, we're halfway through January and I'm just now solidifying my goals for the new year. Clearly we should begin with with "stop being such a procrastinator, Haley!"  Anyhow, I've never spent much effort on resolutions at the start of a year, but I've really been reflecting on what I want 2013 to look like. I've been very inspired by all the great posts about goal-making, particularly Mandi's of … [Read more...]

My 12 Favorite Carrots Posts of 2012

Happy New Year! Since sharing which 10 posts were the most popular with my readers in 2012, I realized that almost none of my favorite posts made the list! My 10 Books You Must Read to Your Daughter post (viewed almost 200,000 times this year!) came together in an hour. Go figure, right? But some of my posts are the result of days (or weeks) of reflection. Here's a few posts that really came from … [Read more...]

The 10 Most Popular Carrots Posts of 2012!

Me (at 20 weeks pregnant) with my sweet boy last night sharing the best hot cocoa of my life from my favorite coffee place. Still enjoying the 12 Days of Christmas! :) I was inspired by Mandi's post of her blog's 10 most popular posts of 2012 to do the same for Carrots and list the most popular posts written this year on the blog.  Looks like readers were most interested in posts about … [Read more...]