Sharing About Almost Becoming “The Smug Mom” and Hello Due Date!

Today you can find me over at Mama and Baby Love sharing about how I almost became "The Smug Mom."  In other news, it's Baby Gwen's due date (c'mon little Carrot!) and my sweet, sweet, saintly mother just picked up the other two kids so that I can TAKE A NAP. Heavenly, no?! I feel so sleepy that I don't even WANT to go into labor because I don't have the energy. Thank you, Mom! I'm sure I'm … [Read more...]

Why We Let Our Preschooler Watch Us Harvest Chickens…

Hop on over to Mama and Baby Love to read my latest urban homesteading post about food ethics and why it's important to us that our kids know where their meat comes from: Our family is big on having kids in the kitchen because of the wonderful benefits of mastering valuable skills as well as spending quality time together. But it’s also important to us that our kids know where their food comes … [Read more...]

The Adventure of Motherhood

You can find me today over at Mama and Baby Love talking about The Adventure of Motherhood: We recently got the wonderful news that we’re expecting Baby #3. (Yay!) I thought by the third time around, discovering we were pregnant would feel old hat. It didn’t. I was just as shocked and in awe at this news as the first time we found out we were expecting. Truly. I literally screamed “I’M … [Read more...]

My First Post as Gardening Editor!


Today I'm over at Mama and Baby Love with my first official post as Gardening Editor! This post could be titled: “Don’t Lose It If Your Toddler Picks All the Unripe Tomatoes.” (Not that I would EVER do that! Ahem.) In full disclosure, I have definitely lost it when little inquisitive hands prematurely harvested the bounty of our urban garden. Numerous vegetable beds and a chicken coop take up … [Read more...]