To Lucy, on her Second Birthday


Oh, Lucy, Lucy, my Lucy, Nothing could have prepared me for how much I love you. From the moment I realized I was pregnant, I loved you more than I’d ever loved anything. I don’t mean I loved your brother less, I mean that my heart expanded in that moment and has never been the same. I loved you so when you turned one, but I know that I will love two even more. None of my pregnancies have been … [Read more...]

Happy Birthday, Bright Star!


Sweet Lucy's first birthday was almost three weeks ago, but in typical "I'm pregnant and behind on everything" fashion, I'm way overdue for a Happy Birthday reflection: Dear Lucy, The afternoon before your first birthday my morning sickness suddenly improved a little bit. After weeks of barely functioning, I wasn't sure how long this no-vomiting spell would last so we called your … [Read more...]

A Letter to Lucy, at Nine Months…


Dear Lucy, Yesterday you turned 9 months old, my little pocket peach. I can’t believe that ¾ of a year has passed since your birth! It’s gone by so fast. Being with you each day brings your Mama so much joy. You are our bright star. You get the biggest grin on your face anytime Daddy, Big Brother or I smile at you. And although I know that every baby is the sweetest and the best, I can’t … [Read more...]

Lucy Pneumonia Update

Thanks to everyone whose been praying for Lucy! She seems to be fighting the parainfluenza bug and the bronchial pneumonia really well. No fever so far, praise God. And she's been sleeping upright in her bouncer to help her breathing. I wasn't sure if we were going to get any sleep last night since she was sniffly and since she's used to sleeping in bed right next to me and would have to … [Read more...]

3.5 Months

I can't believe Lucy is already nearing the 4 month mark. Because I see her every day I don't notice how much she's grown, but check this out. First Bath: This week: Well, she's certainly getting cuter. And as my brother tells me, girl isn't missin' any meals. Her smile is absolutely heartmelting. Baby cute attack. This morning Daniel ran a half marathon while … [Read more...]

Sleep During the Newborn Stage (Or, How to Survive Exhaustion)

After Benjamin was born I thought I would go mad from lack of sleep. I would sob from sheer exhaustion during the early morning hours when he would inevitably be awake--night after night after night. But this time it's so different. Mostly because Lucy is such a champ at sleeping (up only once or twice a night) and doesn't have the colic and reflux that plagued our boy, but also because I think my … [Read more...]

Hogwarts (Finally!)

Last week Daniel took me on a little getaway to the Wizarding World of Harry Potter--a vacation we've wanted to take since the park opened. We were all geared up to go last January but postponed our trip when we discovered I was pregnant with Lucy and couldn't go on any of the rides. Anyhow it was delightful. The Hogwarts ride is pretty awesome and it's great fun to meander through … [Read more...]

Our Bright Star

Our Lucy. Her name means light, pure, bright. And we named her after St. Lucy, a courageous virgin martyr. One virtue that I am perpetually lacking is courage and I pray that my precious one will be brave for Our Lord like St. Lucy. We were on the fence about her middle name for a long while after we were dead set on "Lucy" as her first name. Then, while reading Lord of the Rings for the … [Read more...]

On the Last Day of Christmas…

(Lucy's Christmas shoes and special Christmas china from Daniel's mom) We are: Listening to Christmas Music Drinking Hot Chocolate (miraculously, Benjamin hasn't spilled it yet) And, by Benjamin's request, watching the Nutcracker This little Christmas elf is enjoying the last day of Christmastide. I think this little man is going to miss the Christmas season. Or perhaps I … [Read more...]

Our Year in Pictures: 2011!

I think Daniel and I both agree that 2011 was our best year to date. Here’s some highlights (which turned out to become a monstrously long post with mostly pregnancy pics, oh well). January Daniel got a new job and we hoped to get pregnant again. Benjamin continued to amaze us with the joy he brought to our world. February In February we celebrated Benjamin's 2nd Birthday … [Read more...]