Les Misérables Review and DVD Giveaway!

Going to the movies is something that happens once in a blue moon for us. Due to the outrageous prices and having to find childcare for the little ones, we’ve gone to the movies once in the past 18 months and we went to see the new Les Misérables. I simply couldn’t miss it because I’ve been a huge fan of the musical since I was a little girl. To be honest, I was anxious that the new film wouldn’t … [Read more...]

Les Miserables: A Revolution of Grace

Have you seen the new film adaption of the musical version of Les Miserables? Les Mis has been a part of my life since I was a little girl and my family would listen to the musical on long car trips. My sweet mother (who hates big cities) actually took me to NYC so that we could see it performed on Broadway, and I read Victor Hugo’s novel when I was still far too young to grasp more than the … [Read more...]