Flannery O’Connor’s Violent Grace


I know it's been Flannery central over here lately, but Kendra's post sparked lots of conversations between Daniel and I about why O'Connor is so amazing. Sorry if we're beating a dead horse here, Kendra! I promise to stop with the "please, love Flannery!" posts. But sometimes Daniel writes things that are just too good not to share. So, I hope y'all enjoy a few thoughts on Flannery O'Connor from … [Read more...]

Growing in Marriage: What I Learned from the Old Couple at Confession


Although I had mentioned to my husband wanting to go to Confession the night before, my day had been growing busier. I became distracted with this and that--laundry, paperwork, groceries-- and had almost forgotten my intent to go. As the hour drew near, my husband said, “Didn’t you want to go to Confession this afternoon? I’ll go, too, and we can take turns holding Baby Gwen.” "What would I do … [Read more...]

Grace in the Sign of the Cross


You're in luck. While my post partum brain struggles to form coherent sentences and present you with anything worth reading, my brilliant husband comes up with insightful beautiful reflections despite being sleep deprived from having a sweet newborn in the house. He is the best. Enjoy! “Never leave your house without making the sign of the cross. It will be to you a staff, a weapon, an … [Read more...]

Trembling at Confession


As we approach Holy Week, I’ve been thinking about all my friends and readers who are going through RCIA this year to be confirmed this Easter. Are you afraid about making your first Confession? I was. I was terrified. I was so excited to be confirmed, but the anxiety of making that first Confession loomed over me. It felt like an excruciating torture I was going to have to endure before being … [Read more...]

A Letter to My Former Self On the Day I Became a Mother


On the eve of my firstborn's fourth birthday... Dear Former Self, You think today is memorable because you’re recovering from the Great Gatsby-themed college graduation party you threw last night and looking forward to a trip to see Radiohead. But that’s not why you’ll remember this day in May for the rest of your life. The funny thing is, the reason today is memorable won’t even occur to … [Read more...]

How My Kids Didn’t Ruin Mass

Confession: my kids are not typically little angels at Mass. ‘Typical” Mass behavior being our 3-year-old banging the kneeler open and closed and then dropping it on his own foot. Commence siren-like wailing. Or the kids tussling over who gets to hold the Baby Jesus finger puppet. And, to no one’s surprise, the preschooler throwing the St. Joseph finger puppet at his baby sister’s head doesn’t … [Read more...]

When Motherhood Is Hard

Becoming a mother is truly one of the very best things that has ever happened to me. I get so much joy and satisfaction from raising my babies. But I don't want to give the impression that it's always sunshine and rainbows over here. And if I'm honest, I'll confess that I've just come out the other side of a time when motherhood was a little dark and very difficult. A time when I'm faced with the … [Read more...]