Women Speak on NFP: Why My Husband and I Don’t Use Contraception


This is a guest post by Stephanie of Captive the Heart in the Women Speak on NFP series. In this series you will hear from women using various methods of NFP, some to avoid pregnancy, some trying to conceive, and their experiences. Disclaimer: This series is not meant to be a substitute for any method of training in NFP! If you are interested in one of the methods introduced in this series, … [Read more...]

Women Speak on NFP


It's NFP Awareness week, so I thought I'd run a post from the archives with the links to all the posts in the Women Speak on NFP series. I learned so much from all the women who shared their stories at Carrots about their experiences with Natural Family Planning and I hope the resources in this series will benefit many families. As a Catholic woman seeking to follow Church teaching about … [Read more...]

Catholicism: Empowering Women for 2000 Years (Part IV: “My Body Isn’t Broken,” The Church and Contraception)

Another post about birth control, Haley? Really? It's true. Sorry, folks. But I think Catholic teaching on contraception is really crucial to understanding the respect for womanhood that the Church affirms. This is Part IV of this series, so be sure to read about how Marian doctrine, the Catholic understanding of vocation, and the female saints and doctors of the Church empower women before … [Read more...]

What’s the Big Deal About Birth Control?

What's the Big Deal About Birth Control? // Carrots for Michaelmas

  First of all, thanks for your encouragement about our decision to neither avoid or attempt to achieve pregnancy. And as a follow-up to yesterday's post about our super rad birth control method (AKA: none), some lengthy and very incomplete thoughts on contraception: Since the HHS Mandate, there has been so much press about Catholicism and contraception. SO MUCH PRESS. You may be … [Read more...]