Happy 5 Years, Carrots! (Good Music and Help Me Make Carrots Better)

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It's Michaelmas, friends! Which means it's technically the 5th blogiversary (I know....ridiculous word) of Carrots. And I have a big favor to ask. Would you, pretty please, fill out this quick survey to help me learn more about what my readers love (and don't love!)? I will be eternally grateful. You may have to click over to the actual site if you're using a reader like feedly or bloglovin'. I … [Read more...]

Sheenazing! And Sorry for the Crickets….

Yay! It's Sheenazing Awards time and voting is now open. It's like the Academy Awards of the Catholic blogosphere and you can support your favorite Catholic blogs by taking a minute to vote over at A Knotted Life. It would make my day if you voted for Carrots and I'm honored to be nominated with some of my favorite blogs on the ballot. You kind folks nominated me for: Best Looking Blog, Most … [Read more...]

The Truth About Blog Comments


Me and Comments Confession: I’m terrible at leaving blog comments. I read lots of blogs but rarely do I ever comment even if I adore a post. I use the Feedly app on my phone and it’s miserable to try to leave comments from an iPhone (or at least I think it is.) I’m far more likely to share a post I love on Facebook than leave a comment. And I bet there’s some Carrots readers in the same boat. I … [Read more...]

What’s in a Name?

  (Carrot friends from our first crop of carrots from our garden) When I mentioned the other day that I was considering changing the name of Carrots for Michaelmas so that my blog would be easier to spell and find, many of you said, “no no no!” (If you think I should change it, I’d like to hear your feedback, too! So, do let me know in the comments.) Anyhow, I’m glad you don’t think I should … [Read more...]