Happy Birthday, Mary (from a 3-year-old)


It's a birthday weekend at our house. My father-in-law's birthday was yesterday and I get to share a birthday (27!) with Our Lady today. When Benjamin heard that we would be celebrating Mary's birthday, he asked to make her a card. "Blue paper because she loves blue. And a pink cake with candles on the front." Blue and pink, Our Lady's colors of faithfulness and love. Here's what he asked me … [Read more...]

Why I Breastfeed in Public: The Blessed Virgin Mary Does It!

There was an uproar recently when a women was kicked out of a church for nursing her child in the service and the pastor compared her public breastfeeding to a stripper performing.  What?! I know. Insanity. A blog I read posted the news article on FB and a commenter expressed her view that nursing in church was very inappropriate and that the mother was wrong to do so. She went on to say that she … [Read more...]