A Hobbit Birthday!

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Our sweet boy is FIVE! And after Daniel read The Hobbit to him last year, he's been requesting a Hobbit birthday party (and he loves watching the animated Hobbit movie). We don't throw large, elaborate birthday parties for our kids, but we do like to make it special. Preparations The big kids had a slumber party at grandma's house the night before the party, so Daniel and I spent the whole day … [Read more...]

Our Pirate Turns Four!


I love my kids and I love to celebrate their birthdays, but we keep things super simple: homemade cake, family party with grandparents, aunts, uncles, and baby cousin, just a few gifts. And they absolutely love it. Perhaps if I were the Martha Stewart type, planning a giant party would be a fun thing, but as things are, I think it would stress me out, overwhelm my kids, and be out of our … [Read more...]

My Best Birthday Card Ever


It's been a fun and crazy day of playing at the outside museum, no good napping for Baby Lucy because has a little cough that's waking her out of her slumber, and prepping my ballet classes to teach little ballerinas all afternoon. So, just a short post to share the best birthday card anyone has ever given me: "Dear Mama, Thank you. I like that you're my mama AND I like you. You take … [Read more...]

A Boy and His Bike


It's been awhile since I did a post about Benjamin and since writing about his antics is basically why I started this blog, one seems way past due. My firstborn has been losing his three-year-old mind over the idea of riding the balance bike we ordered for him. But we had yet to get him a helmet. So, I took the little man helmet shopping last week and after an agonizing decision, he chose the … [Read more...]

Benjamin Hospital Update

Our little bear has improved significantly since this morning! His oxygen levels started to go up and they didn't end up having to give him any extra oxygen. He got breathing treatments throughout the day as well as an IV of steroids. After assessing him this evening, the Dr. thought there was a good chance that he WILL get to go home tomorrow instead of in 2 or 3 days as they previously thought. … [Read more...]

A Dinosaur Birthday

Ever since his farm-themed two year birthday party ended, Benjamin has been telling me that he wanted a dinosaur birthday when he turned three. "Well, you shall have it, my love," I told him. Daniel's parents picked out some pretty fantastic decor and our Little Bear dressed like the paleontologist he is with his special dinosaur fossil digging hat. I told him that he could invite whoever … [Read more...]

Tomorrow You’re THREE!

Oh, Benjamin, my little paleontologist, Tomorrow you will wake up and you will have turned the venerable age of THREE. The twos that I have loved so much will be over.  I loved the day when you turned two. And I loved your First Birthday, too. So many gifts of grace you have brought to our lives. The Blessed John Paul II wrote that the enemy of true love is selfishness. Being your … [Read more...]

This Week’s Miscellany: Vol. 5

Coming Up in the Liturgical Year: Candlemas, February 2nd! Get yo' candles blessed! Check out last year's Feast. Listening: Gotye. You can listen to his new album Making Mirrors on NPR First Listen Quote: "I do not want to be in a religion in which I am allowed to have a crucifix. I feel the same about the much more controversial question of the honor paid to the blessed Virgin. If … [Read more...]

Sleep During the Newborn Stage (Or, How to Survive Exhaustion)

After Benjamin was born I thought I would go mad from lack of sleep. I would sob from sheer exhaustion during the early morning hours when he would inevitably be awake--night after night after night. But this time it's so different. Mostly because Lucy is such a champ at sleeping (up only once or twice a night) and doesn't have the colic and reflux that plagued our boy, but also because I think my … [Read more...]

On the Last Day of Christmas…

(Lucy's Christmas shoes and special Christmas china from Daniel's mom) We are: Listening to Christmas Music Drinking Hot Chocolate (miraculously, Benjamin hasn't spilled it yet) And, by Benjamin's request, watching the Nutcracker This little Christmas elf is enjoying the last day of Christmastide. I think this little man is going to miss the Christmas season. Or perhaps I … [Read more...]