Christmas Tree Joy: A Photo Post

It's been quiet at Carrots this week, friends. I got hit by another bout of serious morning sickness and have been out of commission for a couple of days. Thank heavens for my mom and my in-laws who took care of the kids almost all day yesterday so that I could rest and recover from some fun pregnancy vomiting. I spent the whole day in bed with ginger ale and Harry Potter audiobooks. Anyhow, … [Read more...]

Today’s Attitude Shift


I'll spare you all the details, but it's been over 6 weeks since all four members of our family were well at the same time. We've passed around a terrible cough, Benjamin's asthma has been bad, and now Lucy has the cough/fever. And here's the thing, having sick children completely exhausts me. Sure, the bajillion night wakings due to illness wear me out (I think last night's count was 4 wakings … [Read more...]

AFP: Awesome Family Planning

AFP: Awesome Family Planning // Carrots for Michaelmas

On the outside chance that you haven’t already decided that we’re completely nuts, this post will probably convince you. You may previously have figured out that we’re Catholic converts leaning toward the traditional, but now you’re going to think that we’re bordering on total lunacy. Who knows? Maybe you’re right. And this topic is going to be a hot button for controversy, but I’m gonna post it … [Read more...]