An Advent Music Playlist: Wonder!


I really enjoyed creating last year's Advent music playlist: Sleepers, Wake! to learn more about songs appropriate for the Advent season and to help me hold off on the Christmas music until Christmastide. So I really wanted to make a new one this year! It's a little bit shorter than the first one, but I hope you'll enjoy it. It's got a little something for everyone, from very traditional Advent … [Read more...]

How We Celebrate Advent

After writing about observing Advent instead of fighting Santa, I promised to tell you a little bit about what our family does to celebrate Advent. It's actually very simple and I think the difficulty lies in having to say no to a lot of festivities in order to spend Advent waiting, reflecting, and anticipating. What We Do: We bring out our Nativity Scene. My sweet mother-in-law gave us this … [Read more...]