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Toadily Handmade Beeswax Candles

Did it just hit you that Advent is almost here? OK, good, because it just hit me, too. Haven't ordered Advent candles yet? Well, you're in luck. Because Toadily Handmade Beeswax Advent Candles is sponsoring a giveaway and offering one Make Your Own Advent Candle Kit to the lucky winner! For the past four years, I've bought my Advent candles from them because they are not only prettier than … [Read more...]

How We Celebrate Advent

After writing about observing Advent instead of fighting Santa, I promised to tell you a little bit about what our family does to celebrate Advent. It's actually very simple and I think the difficulty lies in having to say no to a lot of festivities in order to spend Advent waiting, reflecting, and anticipating. What We Do: We bring out our Nativity Scene. My sweet mother-in-law gave us this … [Read more...]

GIVEAWAY (Now Closed): 100% Beeswax Advent Candle Making Kit from Toadily Handmade


Halloween is over. All Saints Day and All Souls Day are passed. We're in November. Has it hit you yet? In the blink of an eye we'll be sitting down to Thanksgiving dinner. Advent will sneak up on us and then BOOM, it'll be Christmas! If you're like me, you've just realized that the holidays are right in front of us. And you probably haven't ordered your Advent candles, yet. Well, you're in … [Read more...]