How Marriage Fuels the Creative Life: The Chestertons, Hamilton, and Chef’s Table

How Marriage Supports the Creative Life

Give a warm welcome to today's guest poster, my dear friend and Fountains of Carrots partner in crime Christy Isinger! Like all beautiful, mysterious, and true things in life marriage is a thing that never fails to disappoint in providing surprisingly new and interesting revelations. And I'm not just talking about my own marriage. Lately I keep seeing a common trait of marriage appearing … [Read more...]

The Wear Your Wedding Dress 10th Anniversary Party of My Dreams


Y'all. We threw a party. A big party for our 10th wedding anniversary. And it was one of the sweetest days of my life. And yup, I wore my wedding dress. But that's not all, oh no that's not all... So did these lovely ladies. It was a BYOWD event. My friends Rachael, Jen, Rebecca, and Cate all humored me by wearing their dresses from years past, too. And if you've read Something Other … [Read more...]

What NBC’s “Parenthood” Reminded Me About Marriage

What NBC's "Parenthood" Reminded Me About Marriage

Over the past couple of years, I’ve made my way through the NBC show Parenthood in spurts, finally finishing the series during a pretty epic season of Netflix binge watching. It’s not a perfect show (read: it’s not Mad Men) but I enjoyed it. And some of the themes surprised me. (Psst! Spoilers within! Ye have been warned!) The plot is built around the four children of Zeke and Camille … [Read more...]

It’s OK to Skip Your “20s” and Start Your Life

It's OK to Skip Your "20s" and Start Your Life

image source I turned 30 today. My 20s are officially over. Oh the 20s. Carefree years between college and the era of serious responsibility. Years to find yourself, travel the world, change your major, dabble in internships, and experiment with romance! At least that’s what the expectation seems to be, right? And popular advice would say that whatever you do, don’t tie yourself down too … [Read more...]

NFP Should Be a Part of Parish Life

NFP Should Be a Part of Parish Life

I have a proposal. It’s about bringing NFP out of the shadows and into parish life. Because as young Catholic married folk, we need help. We love and embrace the teachings of the Church on marriage, fertility, and openness to life. We desire to be faithful to these teachings by choosing not to contracept and acknowledging the truth that sex and babies are designed to go together. And we are … [Read more...]

Valentinesy Reading from Carrots

the definition of sexy

It's almost Valentine's Day. I'm not going to write a whole post about the whole 50 Shades of Grey thing because it's all been said, probably much better than I could say it. So I'll leave it at this: domestic abuse is not sexy. Glamorizing domestic violence is not ok. You know what is sexy? When your husband stays up late to help set up for the Daddy Daughter Dance in the Parish Hall, even … [Read more...]

Our Real Mommy Problem (Guest Post by Nicki)

Carrots for Michaelmas

Good morning, friends! I am under the weather with a sore throat and trying to avoid my nemesis, Tonsillitis (hence the quiet on the blog this week). But luckily, sweet Nicki is here to save the day with a guest post, so enjoy!-Haley   This is a guest post by Nicki of Full Hands, Happy Heart. In case you missed it, “Our ‘Mommy’ Problem” was an opinion piece published recently in … [Read more...]

What My Love Affair with Coffee Taught Me About Marriage

What My Love Affair with Coffee Taught Me About Marriage // Carrots for Michaelmas

The other morning, my husband said, “I love you.” Well, actually, I just heard “I love you.” What he actually said was “here’s your coffee,” as he set down my favorite mug on our bedside table. Leaving me to nurse our daughter in the quiet bedroom, he walked out to begin the lively breakfast dance of frying potatoes while our three-year-old and five-year-old scampered around the kitchen--leaving … [Read more...]

The One Thing I Regret About My Wedding

The One Thing I Regret About My Wedding

I was 20 when we were married. Generally speaking, I didn’t know much of anything. I knew I wanted to marry Daniel in a church. I didn’t even care so much which church (it was a few years before we became Catholic). I didn’t care what our wedding colors were. It didn’t make much of a difference to me what song played when I walked down the aisle. It was before Pinterest. I just wanted a white … [Read more...]

It’s Our 8th Anniversary! Sometimes I Write About Being Married.


Eight years ago today, I did a super smart thing and married Daniel Stewart. You can read about everything that led up to that day in our love story. (Aww. Or gag...depending on how you feel about sappy love stories.) Here's a few posts I've written about the married life that I thought I'd share to commemorate the day. (Also, we're going on our second date without the baby in a year! I plan to … [Read more...]