Why I Don’t Want to Be Healthy

Why I Don't Want to Be Healthy // Carrots for Michaelmas

Health. It’s a good thing, right? Our bodies matter. We’re not just spiritual beings, we’re physical, too. That’s how God designed us and ignoring that….well, it’s just silly. And gnostic. So taking care of our bodies matters. Seeking to nourish them with good food and maintain an active lifestyle has a deeply moral dimension. But you know what makes me really uncomfortable? When we turn diets and … [Read more...]

5 Favorite Ways to Not Hate Housework (or at least hate it less)

5 Favorite Ways to Not Hate Housework // Carrots for Michaelmas

I've been meaning to link-up with Five Favorites for years. YEARS. But posting about a certain thing on a certain day...it just stresses out the P of my ENFP. So I've never managed it. But! Ta da! Five favorites here I come! (And check out the other posts at Jenna's blog, Call Her Happy.) # 1: Start with a cup of coffee or tea. Before I do anything else, I turn on the electric kettle to make a … [Read more...]

Ask Daniel: You Had Questions, He’s Got Answers


Today Daniel answers your questions about gardening, homesteading, and backyard chickens from last week's Facebook party. Yay! Chickens So, here’s the basics of our chicken setup at this point: We have a 4x8 movable coop. It’s just an A-frame with one half covered by plywood and the everywhere else wrapped in chicken wire. I can easily open one side. There are roosting bars inside. … [Read more...]

That Time I Had a UTI for 4 Years


I don't typically use my blog to discuss my bladder (AKA, I kinda can't believe I'm talking about this on the interwebz) but bear with me...I have a point. When I was 20, I got a UTI. If you haven’t ever had one, lucky you. If you have had one, you know they’re the worst. The thing about mine is that the symptoms didn’t go away...FOR FOUR YEARS. Sure I took my round of antibiotics and the UTI … [Read more...]

My Attempt to Get Healthy After Pregnancy (Shaklee Review and GIVEAWAY)


Since suffering through some debilitating morning sickness in my last pregnancy, I mentioned to the Carrots FB community that I was brainstorming nutrition and supplement changes in order to get healthy and (hopefully) avoid the extreme morning sickness if we're blessed with another pregnancy. In addition to decreasing sugar intake in order to promote a healthy gut, I want to work hard to increase … [Read more...]

Need Some Back-to-School Sanity? Steph Has a New Freezer Meals eCookbook!


I've told you about how I started using a crock pot after my friend Stephanie of Mama and Baby Love taught me about slow cooker freezer meals and how it saves me from the 4-5pm meltdown making me a much nicer mama in the afternoons and I mentioned how much we're enjoying her Grain-Free/Gluten-Free Baking eCookbook a couple of weeks ago. I'm excited to tell you that Steph has a new back-to-school … [Read more...]

Growing a Family on One Income: Part I, Being a One-Car Family


I get all riled up about claims that raising children costs millions. Could you spend a million dollars on a child? Sure. You can also spend over $100,000 on a Versailles-inspired Neiman Marcus chicken coop. But that would be unreasonable. Yes, kids aren’t cheap, but having a large family doesn’t have to be a financial impossibility. Granted, each family's situation is different and living off … [Read more...]

Seasonal Eating Thoughts

Find me over at Mama and Baby Love today talking about our journey toward seasonal eating... Ever wonder how to take your enjoyment of food to a new level? The answer might be a major shift in your food lifestyle to embrace seasonal eating.   Until college, a tomato was a tomato to me. It certainly wasn’t a food I would ever want to bite into all by itself. You pick them up any ol’ time of … [Read more...]

Introducing the Hens!


And now, the post you've been waiting for! A chicken virtual meet and greet! You have been waiting for that, right? Ahem. Apparently there's a nesting instinct that takes over pregnant women as they approach their due date. Instead of starting a painting project, organizing, or attacking the dire laundry situation, this phenomenon prompted me to do super unnecessary things like convince my … [Read more...]

6 Must-Have Books and Cookbooks for Seasonal Eating Inspiration

Since our conversion, I've gained more appreciation for the rhythms of the Christian Year and that by observing those seasons, the story of the Gospel unfolds. One way to participate in the Christian Year is to feast and fast according to the traditions of the Church which, obviously, involves food! Sharing food with family and friends should ideally be a daily reminder of sacred things: The Last … [Read more...]