Why I Love the Whole30 (Even though I’ve never finished one)

Why I Love Whole30 Even Though I Never Finish It

Confession time. I’ve never made it through an entire Whole30. I’ve tried four times and haven’t ever made it to day 30. The first three times I had an excuse. I was still nursing my youngest and cutting out grains made my supply tank and I dropped weight too quickly. But this last time I wasn’t breastfeeding, I just have terrible self-control. I’m great at planning the meals and I even find … [Read more...]

Hospitality With No Flushing Toilets: What I’ve Learned

Tangelo Palm Frond

Having people over has always been our thing. Daniel loves to cook and I love to talk, so hosting friends for dinner has been part of our family culture ever since we tied the knot. And after having kids, hospitality became the only way we were going to see our friends because kids have early bedtimes and babysitting is expensive. I firmly believe that other than the Mass, there’s nothing that … [Read more...]

Simple Homemade Recipe for Lip Balm, Hand Salve, and Beard Wax

Easy, natural recipe for homemade lip balm, hand salve, and beard wax.

  My husband Daniel whipped some of this up recently and it's fantastic! So I nagged used my dulcet tones to convince him to guest post here at Carrots to share his recipe. Lucky for you, he's an obliging sort! -Haley I’ve used beard wax for several years. Mostly just beeswax and oil, beard wax helps a beard keep a good shape, gives a beard a nice sheen, prevents split ends, and … [Read more...]

Is It Ok for Catholics to Use Essential Oils?

Is It Ok for Catholics to Use Essential Oils?

"Is it forbidden for a Catholic to use essential oils?" I’ve been asked this question several times lately since I started my essential oils business and the first time I was baffled by it. For that question to even be asked I think there must be serious misunderstanding of what essential oils are, so let’s start with the basics: What Are Essential Oils? An essential oil is a highly concentrated … [Read more...]

That Time I Got to Give Everybody a Free Mrs. Meyer’s Cleaning Kit!


Blogging is a like a vortex that you enter soon to realize that all your free time has evaporated and been consumed by the blog. It's also the best job in the world. And it has some pretty great perks like getting to know people everywhere and having friends to stay with in every state (just in case you take three small children on an insane trip around the country or something). Or convincing … [Read more...]

How a Family of Five Got Rid of Half Their Stuff


When we wanted our life to change from Daniel's 9-5 and our urban homeowner life to an agricultural internship on a farm halfway across the country, we knew that part of the deal would be moving into a two bedroom 650 sq ft apartment significantly smaller than our little starter home. So we started decluttering. Big time. And ended up getting rid of half of our stuff. How many things have I … [Read more...]

Why Essential Oils Are Like the Grand Canyon

Why Essential Oils Are Like the Grand Canyon

  I’ll be honest. I was a little skeptical. I’ve been using Lavender and Tea Tree Oil to make my own cleaning products for years, but I didn’t really jump into the essential oil thing until recently because there was a lot of hype and I typically run away from hype. Mount Rushmore? Not worth the hype. Wish I hadn't gone. But sometimes the hype is merited. Like the Grand Canyon. I … [Read more...]

When My Health Fell Apart This Year


I haven't talked about it much on the blog, but this year my health crumbled and it has been rough. I have an autoimmune disease called Interstitial Cystitis and after four years in remission, it came back with a vengeance this spring. At first I had some weird symptoms that I thought were just stress related, but not like I usually react to stress. I had panic attacks, dizzy/faintness, and … [Read more...]

Five Favorites: Household Supplies (and a Gift for You!)

Grove Collaborative Candles

I'm linking up with Rachel today for #5Faves on this fine Wednesday. I almost never am on top of things enough to do link ups on the right day but here I am sharing my five favorite household products that I order from ePantry every month! Last fall as we were getting the house ready to put on the market, I was trying to figure out how to make my life easier and part of that meant not having to … [Read more...]

5 Tips to Start Green Cleaning Your Home

5 Tips to Start Green Cleaning Your Home

Quick note from Haley: Because keeping a sparkly clean house has never been in my skill set, when we had to put our house on the market in February, I had a little bit of a panic attack. OK a big panic attack. Because if somebody's going to offer to buy our house....they'll want to walk around inside and check it out first. But we LIVE here! And there's five of us. And the three smallest always … [Read more...]