The Good Thing About Being Sick on Christmas…


(Prepare yourself for some poor quality iphone pics with bad lighting. Lucky you!) Waking up in the middle of the night Christmas Eve with a head cold that gets progressively worse all  Christmas Day and becomes a throat infection until you're shivering, achy, and feverish, on the couch with a hot cup of tea might not be the ideal way to celebrate..... However.... The good thing about … [Read more...]

Holy Time: The Joy of the Incarnation and the Pietà

The Incarnation of Christ, celebrated in the liturgical season of Christmastide, takes on a richer significance for me with each passing year. The story of the Nativity is fuller, but undeniably more strange. It loses the saccharine quality of greeting cards and becomes complicated. Christmas becomes more intricately connected to Holy Week and I’m reminded that the miracle of the Incarnation isn’t … [Read more...]

Merry Christmas from Carrots!

Wishing all of you a wonderful Christmas! We're been having a wonderful day with family (and a special movie date to see Les Mis while sweet grandparents watched the kiddos!). So grateful for each and every one of my faithful readers who make it such a joy to blog in this space! Christus Natus Est! … [Read more...]

Our 12 Days of Christmas!

Contrary to what retailers might have you believe, the 12 Days of Christmas are not the 12 days that precede Christmas. They actually begin on Christmas Day, lasting until the Feast of Epiphany on January 6th. This season, also known as Christmastide, is traditionally when the holiday celebrating starts, but you'd never know it from all the Christmas trees already stripped bare and left by the … [Read more...]

Christmas Tree Joy: A Photo Post

It's been quiet at Carrots this week, friends. I got hit by another bout of serious morning sickness and have been out of commission for a couple of days. Thank heavens for my mom and my in-laws who took care of the kids almost all day yesterday so that I could rest and recover from some fun pregnancy vomiting. I spent the whole day in bed with ginger ale and Harry Potter audiobooks. Anyhow, … [Read more...]

Sleepers, Wake! An Advent Music Guide and Playlist

Are you enjoying the Little HolyDays link up? I have loved reading the posts you’ve shared! Here’s a little more Advent fun and don’t forget to link up with your posts (old or new) about Advent, St. Nicholas Day, the Immaculate Conception, or family seasonal traditions until the link up closes Thursday! After explaining how we fast from Christmas music during Advent (and then turn up the jams … [Read more...]

Little HolyDays: The Feast of St. Nicholas

Welcome to our first Little HolyDays link up and Happy New Year! No, I haven’t gotten the months confused, it’s the beginning of a new liturgical year. Yesterday was the first Sunday of Advent. Let’s hope you were more organized than I and didn’t spend part of your Sunday scrambling around looking  for your Advent wreath (don’t worry! I found it!). Anyhow, for our very first Little HolyDays … [Read more...]

How We Celebrate Advent

After writing about observing Advent instead of fighting Santa, I promised to tell you a little bit about what our family does to celebrate Advent. It's actually very simple and I think the difficulty lies in having to say no to a lot of festivities in order to spend Advent waiting, reflecting, and anticipating. What We Do: We bring out our Nativity Scene. My sweet mother-in-law gave us this … [Read more...]

Holy Time: Observing Advent Instead of Fighting Santa

Every year I hear folks bemoaning the secularization of Christmas and how commercialism has overtaken what used to be a Christian holiday. I read news stories about which retail stores are promoting “Happy Holidays” instead of “Merry Christmas” and which groups and organizations are boycotting those stores for choosing to greet their customers in one way or another.  People label it the “war on … [Read more...]

On the Last Day of Christmas…

(Lucy's Christmas shoes and special Christmas china from Daniel's mom) We are: Listening to Christmas Music Drinking Hot Chocolate (miraculously, Benjamin hasn't spilled it yet) And, by Benjamin's request, watching the Nutcracker This little Christmas elf is enjoying the last day of Christmastide. I think this little man is going to miss the Christmas season. Or perhaps I … [Read more...]