13 Reasons Why This Is Awesome


        *Oops! Looks like you missed the 2015 Ultimate Homemaking Bundle! To find out about future bundles click here. Well, this is it. Less than 24 hours to go. The Ultimate Homemaking Bundle Sale--a library of homemaking resources, ebooks, and ecourses--ends tonight at midnight (Monday, April 27th)! It’s been awesome hearing from readers about how much you … [Read more...]

The Sheenazings: The Most Wonderful Time of the Year!


Nothing brings me out of a little blogging hiatus like THE SHEENAZINGS! Don't know what they are? Allow me to explain one of my FAVORITE things on the internet! Have you met my friend Bonnie? Well, she's awesome. And every January, out of the goodness of her heart, she organizes blogging awards for Catholic bloggers. It's like she's giving out virtual high fives during the chilly, gloomy … [Read more...]

Wanna Know What You Said on the Carrots Survey? Ta Da!

Survey Results

Y'all, thank you SO MUCH for filling out the reader survey I posted on the Carrots five year anniversary post. I was honestly floored by how many of you took the time to help give me feedback and I really appreciate it. I love this little spot of the internet and I want it to serve my readers well. Thanks for such helpful feedback and for being the best readers ever! I said I would give away a … [Read more...]

Happy 5 Years, Carrots! (Good Music and Help Me Make Carrots Better)

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It's Michaelmas, friends! Which means it's technically the 5th blogiversary (I know....ridiculous word) of Carrots. And I have a big favor to ask. Would you, pretty please, fill out this quick survey to help me learn more about what my readers love (and don't love!)? I will be eternally grateful. You may have to click over to the actual site if you're using a reader like feedly or bloglovin'. I … [Read more...]

Podcasts You’ll Love

Podcasts You'll Love // Carrots for Michaelmas

Ok, so June Christy wasn't exactly podcasting in this photo, but isn't she adorable? And there's a microphone so....it works, right? I had so much fun chatting with Kristin Sanders on her This Inspired Life podcast last week. And apparently, it was fun for y'all, too, because after I posted about it, I got a few emails asking about other similar podcasts to listen to. Because let's face it, … [Read more...]

Want to Hear Me Ramble on a Podcast?

Inspired life Podcast Haley Stewart

      Happy Friday, y'all! Sweet Kristin Sanders asked me to be on her wonderful podcast This Inspired Life and we talked about women and the Church. But poor Kristin had to do tons of editing out of interruptions from my cute and loud children. Baby Gwen who is usually Miss Cheerful thought it was HORRIBLE that she couldn't see mama RIGHT NOW and screamed her head … [Read more...]

Instagram Envy, Being Authentic on the Internet, and When It’s Time to Break Up with a Blog

Instagram Envy, Being Authentic on the Internet, and When It's Time to Break Up with a Blog // Carrots for Michaelmas

“I used to follow so-and-so but her instagrams made her life look so beautiful that I had to stop. I kept feeling so jealous.” Have you heard that before? Have you felt that way before? Of all the social media platforms, Instagram seems to be the worst culprit for making us feel inadequate. Which is too bad, because I think it can build wonderful community. But I’ve had several friends swear it … [Read more...]

12 Things I Loved About the Edel Gathering

photo 2 (25)

The requests are flying in for an Edel '14 recap! I feel like I've got 10 posts worth of Edel chat and need a month to process this beautiful whirlwind of a weekend, but here I am starting a post at nap time because Carrots readers shouldn't have to wait a month for me to process all the amazingness that was Edel. (If you don't know what I'm talking about, fear not. Edel is a gathering designed … [Read more...]

How Does a Busy Mama Make Time to Write? (For the Love of Blogging Series)

How Does a Busy Mama Make Time to Write (For the Love of Blogging Series at Carrots for Michaelmas)

Welcome to the For the Love of Blogging series at Carrots! I often get emails and comments asking about various blogging-related things, so I thought it would be fun to answer some of them right here on the blog as a little on-going series. I hope you enjoy it and find it helpful! If you have a question about blogging, feel free to leave it in the comments and I may be able to answer it in a … [Read more...]

Dear Moms, Don’t Hate Yourself for Liking Social Media

Dear Moms, Don't Hate Yourself for Liking Social Media.jpg

We're always hearing about the dangers of being plugged in. It’s so easy to get too attached to our screens. To be looking down at our phones when we should be looking up at our children. I get it. It’s so hard to have a healthy balance and not let the internet and social media take over our lives. It’s a very real danger to be, in the words of T.S. Eliot “Distracted from distraction by … [Read more...]