Learning to Trust God Through Childbirth


(The book is done, but while I'm swamped setting up the logistics of launching it, my sweet friend and one of my favorite bloggers, Christy of fountains of home is here to share some beautiful thoughts. - Haley) When I think back and look over my spiritual journey as it were, there are many different experiences which make up my faith as it is now. There have been times of spiritual … [Read more...]

Gwen’s Birth Story: Part III


Catch up on Part I and II before diving into Part III :) It was almost 4am and it didn’t feel like we were anywhere close to meeting our baby... After 9 hours of active labor I was exhausted and discouraged. Since I had to get back in bed for my penicillin dose and to be monitored for a few minutes, I asked the nurse to examine me to see what kind of progress I’d made since I was 4.5 cm in … [Read more...]

Gwen’s Birth Story: Part II


  As I shared in Part I, I was dilated 4.5 cm in triage, so they got us set up in a labor and delivery room with our wonderful nurse Christine just after 7pm. My mom (my unofficial doula) arrived and started heating up socks filled with rice to place against my lower back to relieve some of the pain from the back labor while I got my penicillin drip. Socks with uncooked rice, guys! Helps … [Read more...]

Gwen’s Birth Story: Part I


  How Gwen Stellamaris came into the world. If the details of labor and birth gross you out, feel free to stop reading now (I can hear my brother clicking away from this post!). This pregnancy was by far the hardest of my three. The endless weeks of morning sickness, the exhaustion, the acid reflux. I was more than ready to put it behind me and meet my new little daughter. As with Lucy, … [Read more...]

Welcome, Gwen!


I've got someone pretty special to introduce you to. Meet our precious Gwen Stellamaris Stewart! Born after 13 hours of active labor at 7:41am on May 30, our little lass weighed 7lbs 4oz. She has grey eyes and plenty of jet black hair. She is healthy and sweet and we are so grateful for a safe delivery. Labor was very hard and exhausting and my recovery has been much slower than with Lucy, so … [Read more...]

Birth Plan Advice

Today I'm over at MamaAndBabyLove talking about envisioning your dream birth plan. If you're expecting, a good birth plan is a must! Here's a snippet of my post, I hope you, or a friend, can find it helpful: "When we wrote our birth plan for our first baby, my husband and I were surprised to realize how many things we hadn’t thought about before. Who was going to cut the cord? Did we want our … [Read more...]

Why I Hated Breastfeeding (And How That Changed) Part II

In Part I, I described my horrible experience breastfeeding my firstborn and how after four months I gave up. I was stressed out. My baby was stressed out. It wasn’t working. I am so glad to say that round two has been totally different! Part of it must be due to Baby Number Two's easy temperament, but I think other factors are lower stress, and a shift in my attitude and mothering … [Read more...]

Why I Hated Breastfeeding (And How That Changed) Part I

I am a huge supporter of breastfeeding. I nurse my baby girl everywhere and do my best to promote breastfeeding and support nursing mamas.But, I never judge another mama for choosing to bottle-feed. Some mamas can't breastfeed even after trying everything to produce enough milk for their baby. Sometimes circumstances make it almost impossible. I know this first hand... When I was a few days … [Read more...]

Tomorrow You’re THREE!

Oh, Benjamin, my little paleontologist, Tomorrow you will wake up and you will have turned the venerable age of THREE. The twos that I have loved so much will be over.  I loved the day when you turned two. And I loved your First Birthday, too. So many gifts of grace you have brought to our lives. The Blessed John Paul II wrote that the enemy of true love is selfishness. Being your … [Read more...]

Our Year in Pictures: 2011!

I think Daniel and I both agree that 2011 was our best year to date. Here’s some highlights (which turned out to become a monstrously long post with mostly pregnancy pics, oh well). January Daniel got a new job and we hoped to get pregnant again. Benjamin continued to amaze us with the joy he brought to our world. February In February we celebrated Benjamin's 2nd Birthday … [Read more...]