My Giant


I've been pulling the baby things out of the closet to see what will work for the new baby and what we might need to buy or borrow. The bouncer we used with Benjamin got kind of weird and moldy during the move (it was in a POD for awhile and then in our laundry room sans air conditioning.) But Benjamin thinks it's GRAND. He's been sitting in it, making it play songs, lounging and playing in … [Read more...]

Our Love Story: Part III


This is Part III. You can read Part I and Part II to catch up. At the airport Daniel gave me a mix cd to listen to on the plane. It was beautiful. As I flew back to Texas I knew I would give him another chance but I needed a little bit of time and a little bit of convincing that I wouldn’t get my heart broken again. We talked on the phone almost every day and Daniel sent me letters at least … [Read more...]

Verdict is in…

IT'S A GIRL!!! A precious, healthy, baby girl. I am overwhelmed with joy. I was hoping for a little gal (although I would have loved another sweet boy!) and when the tech and Dr.  said, "Girl!" I cried so many happy tears. A GIRL! I can't believe it. And she's so beautiful. She was sweetly playing with her little tiny toes. AND she looked asleep compared to what Benjamin looked like during his … [Read more...]

Our Love Story: Part II


This is Part II, you can catch up on Part I here. I was 18 and Daniel and I had been dating on and off for almost two years. I was offered a full scholarship to Baylor University and accepted into their elite University Scholars Program within their Honors College. It was not an opportunity I could pass up. Although I considered staying in Tallahassee and attending FSU, I decided to move to … [Read more...]

Our Love Story: Part I


Last week: “I can’t imagine you being married to anyone other than Daniel. It is such a joy to know you are with such a good and wonderful man.” –My Dad 9 Years Ago: “I don’t want you to ever see that boy again. He is a freak.” – My Dad As we are celebrating our FIFTH(!) anniversary this Saturday, I thought a few posts about our love story might be fun this week… I was 15. I knew I liked … [Read more...]



Benjamin has a little best friend. His name is Ulee and Benjamin thinks he's just grand. We met Ulee and his mama, Zemi, at library storytime and hit it off. The boys love to go to the Jr. Museum (Tallahassee Museum, if you're fancy) and run around and show each other all the animals. Benjamin even wrote a little song about Ulee. It's mostly just repetition of "Ulee, Ulee, … [Read more...]

April Reads


I'm still plugging away at Glittering Vices by Rebecca DeYoung and Ten Ways to Destroy the Imagination of Your Child by Anthony Esolen both of which I highly recommend. I finished the second Kristin Lavransdatter book and I'm taking a break before starting the third and final part of the saga. For perhaps by 7th re-read, I thoroughly enjoyed the sappy but wonderful Anne of the Island by Lucy … [Read more...]

Our House, Part VI: The Dining Room


It's been months since I posted any pictures of our new house for our Texas friends who haven't seen it yet. Since the Dining Room was relatively clean and I actually cleaned the little toddler handprints off of the windows (a rare occurence), it seemed like an opportune time for a post. My parents got us the pie safe and the wooden high chair, both of which I love. The pie safe was built … [Read more...]

Kohlrabi Cuteness


Can you even handle this? How bout this silly smile? I love this blog post about natural dyes for Easter eggs at Boulder Locavore. I think we might dye eggs on Saturday so that they can soak in the dye overnight and be ready to display Sunday. We've already got red cabbage and turmeric. We don't have spinach but we've got plenty of greens in the garden so we might just try … [Read more...]

Pregnancy Update


This one was taken a couple weeks ago. I'm 15 weeks now and finally starting to feel like myself again. The 9 weeks of miserable morning sickness are mostly behind me and I'm starting to have some more energy again! My only complaint is a UTI that hasn't gone away after 2 rounds of antibiotics, which I was loathe to take anyway. Any ideas on how to get rid of this thing? I know infections are … [Read more...]