Liturgical Living at a Glance: December


  It's HERE! It's finally here! Our new ebook, More Feasts! Celebrating Saints and Seasons with Simple Real Food Recipes is available for purchase this Advent season. 10 new recipes! Reflections on Advent and Holy Week and a few activities to do with children to bring the liturgical year into the home. We are so excited to share it with you! And just for Advent, our first ebook … [Read more...]

Skip Black Friday and Support a Good Cause


  I'll be honest. I don't enjoy going shopping on a regular ol' day. I much prefer using "me" time to read a novel with a cup of coffee. And so Black Friday? Yeah....I don't leave my house. We usually snuggle in with some hot cocoa and Thanksgiving leftovers. I have no problem opting out of the shopping madness on Thanksgiving weekend. If you have Christmas shopping to do today, … [Read more...]

Five Random Things


This picture has nothing to do with this post. But look how cute these sisters are on our trip to the museum (where we simply HAD to go because Day 3 of being cooped up inside while it rained and poured outside isn't good on anyone's sanity). Grandma's attic in the Museum of FL History is the place to be. Ok. Moving on. Five notable things have happened in the last few days: one tragic, two … [Read more...]

TWaterburyWraps GIVEAWAY (Gorgeous bracelets and ninth babies)


This post is sponsored by TWaterburyWraps. Meet Teresa Waterbury and her gorgeous family: Go ahead and count 'em. Yup. That's eight boys! And Teresa is expecting their ninth baby any day. And to make it even more exciting, they don't know whether this little one will be Baby Boy #9 or Baby Girl #1. Whoa! In Teresa's free time (which I'm sure is abundant as she raises EIGHT boys) she … [Read more...]

This Week’s Miscellany: Vol. 110 (and a book for you!)

photo 3-18

Ok, I'm just gonna let that unbelievable cuteness sink in for a second. Gwen Stella is almost 18 months and it just one of my most favorite-ist ages. Sure, they scale everything in sight and break things and color on the walls and freak out because you won't them use their shoe as a spoon for eating guacamole or because they wanted that banana to be handed to them just BARELY peeled so they … [Read more...]

Baby-Friendly Saintly Gifts (Shining Light Dolls GIVEAWAY!)

Shining Light Dolls

This post is sponsored by Shining Light Dolls. I have a treat for you today! A few months ago, I shared about what we were stuffing our kids' Easter baskets with. I was having a hard time finding something for Baby Gwen that she wouldn't choke on. And I found Shining Light Dolls and their baby-friendly Our Lady of Guadalupe doll (the stars on her mantle made me think of my Gwen … [Read more...]

An Announcement! Get Your Podcast On!

Fountains of Carrots

So...I love listening to podcasts. I also love to talk. And I have a friend who loves to talk. Her name is Christy of Fountains of Home blogging fame and mother of many small Canadian children. And we started a podcast! We want it to be something you can listen to while folding laundry, going on a run, driving around, or doing the dishes. Like having a fun chat with some friends. We're … [Read more...]

Get Your Mantilla On (Guest Post by Tyler Blanski)

Get Your Mantilla On // Carrots for Michaelmas

Please welcome writer and fellow Catholic convert Tyler Blanski to Carrots today! Tyler's sharing some of the beautiful theology behind veiling. I've never veiled at Mass myself, but learning more about this rich tradition just might have me searching for a chapel veil. - Haley Image source You’ve heard it before: head coverings are not awesome, they are the sexist leftovers of a … [Read more...]

This Week’s Miscellany: Vol. 109

photo 2-21

This week at Carrots: My post about coffee and marriage ended up being one of the most shared posts on ye ol' blog this year. Apparently there are other folks out there for whom coffee is a love language. Solidarity. In other news, Christy Isinger over at Fountains of Home and I have a big announcement to make next week! And I can't wait to tell you! Eek! My Obsession with the BBC: So here's … [Read more...]

A Must-Read Book (and Giveaway!): Diary of a Country Mother

Life is short. Eternity is forever. Love now! // Carrots for Michaelmas

Cynthia Montanaro’s exquisite book Diary of a Country Mother: A Year Remembering Tim chronicles the year following the death of her teenage son who took his own life. Although the grief of this great loss is woven through the pages, it is not a book of sadness. It is a brave and beautiful celebration of life. Anchored in the rhythm of the liturgical seasons, Cynthia recalls with joy the little … [Read more...]