Happy 5 Years, Carrots! (Good Music and Help Me Make Carrots Better)

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It's Michaelmas, friends! Which means it's technically the 5th blogiversary (I know....ridiculous word) of Carrots. And I have a big favor to ask. Would you, pretty please, fill out this quick survey to help me learn more about what my readers love (and don't love!)? I will be eternally grateful. You may have to click over to the actual site if you're using a reader like feedly or bloglovin'. I … [Read more...]

This Week’s Miscellany: Vol. 103

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Whew. It's been awhile since the last TWM, y'all. Let's jump in. Just FYI, that's a necklace I'm wearing. Not suspenders. I am definitely not cool enough to pull off sparkly suspenders. The Quotable Lucy (almost 3yo): "One day God made a ballerina. And her name was Lucy." This girl loves her ballet class. As a former ballet teacher, I promised myself I would not get all crazy and … [Read more...]

On Spiritual Retreats: An Interview with Amy

Spiritual Retreat, Jamberoo Abbey

Have you ever been on a spiritual retreat? We are lucky to live right down the road from a retreat center, so Daniel and I have both been able to attend weekend retreats here and there and it's always so spiritually fruitful. Carrots reader Amy from Australia shared with me about a beautiful retreat at an abbey and I thought it would be fun to interview her about her experience! Tell us a … [Read more...]

Podcasts You’ll Love

Podcasts You'll Love // Carrots for Michaelmas

Ok, so June Christy wasn't exactly podcasting in this photo, but isn't she adorable? And there's a microphone so....it works, right? I had so much fun chatting with Kristin Sanders on her This Inspired Life podcast last week. And apparently, it was fun for y'all, too, because after I posted about it, I got a few emails asking about other similar podcasts to listen to. Because let's face it, … [Read more...]

Want to Hear Me Ramble on a Podcast?

Inspired life Podcast Haley Stewart

      Happy Friday, y'all! Sweet Kristin Sanders asked me to be on her wonderful podcast This Inspired Life and we talked about women and the Church. But poor Kristin had to do tons of editing out of interruptions from my cute and loud children. Baby Gwen who is usually Miss Cheerful thought it was HORRIBLE that she couldn't see mama RIGHT NOW and screamed her head … [Read more...]

Golden Tote…Something a Little Different (Good Fashion Different)

Golden Tote // Carrots for Michaelmas

So we've talked about Stitch Fix and we've talked about Twice, but now for something a little different in the fashion department: Golden Tote.  I had a reader recommend Golden Tote a few weeks ago so I was thrilled when the very next day, Golden Tote asked if I would like to try them out and share about my experience. Here's how it works: every month they offer a surprise grab bag of clothes … [Read more...]

Holy Heroes, Where Have You Been All My Life? (Giveaway!)

Holy Heroes Giveaway // Carrots for Michaelmas

Let me set the stage for you...I'm eating BBQ (amazing BBQ) in the Austin airport with a couple of other Edel attendees (psst! Did you hear the announcement!?) feeling excited to go home and see my family and super sad that Edel is over. One of the gals at the table had been one of the vendors at Edel. We strike up a conversation as I gather my belongings and we wait for our flight to board.  As … [Read more...]

A Few of My Favorite Things: Catholic Children’s Books and Forgiveness! (Guest Post by Nicole Lataif)

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  By: Nicole Lataif Happy Tuesday, everyone! ☺ A special THANK YOU to Haley for featuring me as a guest! My name is Nicole Lataif and I’m the author of the children’s picture book, “I Forgive You: Love We Can Hear, Ask For and Give,” published by Pauline Books & Media. Below are three Catholic children’s books that I think are divine (pardon the pun-I couldn’t resist!) … [Read more...]

Ask Daniel: You Had Questions, He’s Got Answers


Today Daniel answers your questions about gardening, homesteading, and backyard chickens from last week's Facebook party. Yay! Chickens So, here’s the basics of our chicken setup at this point: We have a 4x8 movable coop. It’s just an A-frame with one half covered by plywood and the everywhere else wrapped in chicken wire. I can easily open one side. There are roosting bars inside. … [Read more...]

Harry Potter, Dumbledore’s Mercy, and the Triumph of the Holy Cross

Harry Potter, Dumbledore's Mercy, and the Upside Down Power of God's Love // Carrots for Michaelmas

It's the Feast of the Triumph of the Holy Cross. What does that have to do with Harry Potter? I don’t try to hide the fact that I’m a Harry Potter fangirl. I’m often reflecting on the plot and themes, whether kids should read the series, and how Molly Weasley is fantastic. (SPOILER ALERT: Do not continue if you haven’t completed the series.) One of the most memorable scenes in the series … [Read more...]