This Week’s Miscellany: Vol. 95 (Ask Me Anything)

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photo 3 (19)

“I dwinking hot chocwate.”

It seemed like a good idea to console my children with sugary beverages after our quest for gluten-free cupcakes came to naught. In hindsight, hot cocoa in mid-July Florida heat wasn’t the best idea I’ve ever had.

On the Homestead:

photo 4 (16)


This is my favorite time of year for eating out of the garden. Daniel’s tomatoes are amazing this year (the sungold’s are the best) and he’s pretty brilliant at finding ways to use all the eggplant, okra, green beans, and peppers in meals that the kids like, too.

Ask Me Anything:

Cutting this post a little short because there are so many big projects looming over me right now. I’m finishing up my talk for the Edel Gathering in a couple of weeks, working on some longer writing projects, and then there’s some big time things not related to writing at all that I can’t share yet (but it’s killing me because I want to tell you all about it). It’s all exciting, but I have to admit that my stress level is through the roof. Anyhow, there probably won’t be a whole lot of time until after I get back from Austin to write for the blog so….I thought it would be fun to post a new vlog soon answering some of your questions (see how I’m coercing you into coming up with content for me?)! So….it’s time for the Ask Me Anything vlog! Catholic questions, blogging questions, my favorite Wes Anderson movie, what it feels like to consume an entire jar of Trader Joe’s Cookie Butter in 24 hours. You name it. Leave your question in the comments and I’d love to answer it for you in a little video….unless I don’t want to answer it….in which case I won’t. But I probably will 😉

Oh! And after last time’s disappointing Stitch Fix, I got a new one this week with one item that’s a super win! I’ll share some pictures soon!

Sewing School 101


And the winner of the Sewing School 101 giveaway was Genevieve! If you didn’t win the giveaway, but still want an introduction to sewing or brush up on your sewing skills, head on over to learn more about my friend Nicole’s new ebook. (Affiliate link, thank you kindly.)

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  1. Nora Bartlett says

    Dear Haley, I discovered your blog through your wonderful comments on Fanny Price, and look forward to reading more –your list of great girls’ books was terrific, too; wonder if you have read Maud Hart Lovelace’s Betsy-Tacy books, also very beautiful books for girls, set at the turn of the 19th-20th century. I have passed on your blog details to several young Catholic women of my acquaintance and they are also delighted. best, Nora

    • Carolyn says

      Betsy-Tacy! I love those books so much and just started handing them on to my 11 year old niece last year 🙂 Such lovely, real stories.

    • JoAnna says

      I second this! I am not a fan of tattoos at all, but yours & Daniel’s look so awesome & seem like they have a lot of meaning. I’d also like to know your general take on tattoos, since they can be a pretty hot topic for debate in Catholic circles.

  2. Brian Cambra says

    Who do you think is the best literary male protagonist in literature for your little boy and why? Best literary female for your little girl and why?

  3. Courtney says

    As a college student, I’m oddly curious about what people study on school. What was your major at Baylor?

  4. luisaagnes says

    Hi Haley! I have a question– how do you think Catholics best inspire the hearts and minds of Evangelicals? I have recently connected with a great Evangelical Church for their mother/toddler activities and bible studies, even though I am a practicing Catholic. I am so grateful for their deep affection for Our Lord and for the virtue that this love instills in them. But I want to share the fullness of the faith with them, without being alienating since I am so grateful to be part of this good stuff.

  5. Kristi says

    Hi Haley, as a Catholic mom as well, I would love to know how you handle matters in the area of discipline with your children. I have two little ones (almost 3 and almost 1) and have been reading a lot of Catholic mama blogs in search of perspective and guidance. It seems like your family has a lovely thing going, so it would be great to hear a little about your approach and/or parenting influences! Thanks so much!

    • Kristi says

      Oops, just realized you talked about this very thing in a post a couple of years ago and I missed it. But I’d still love to hear an update on the subject if you’re up for it! Thanks! 🙂

    • Maggie Toney says

      Have you read Parenting With Grace: The Catholic Parents’ Guide to Raising (Almost) Perfect Kids by Greg and Lisa Popcak? It is pure gold. A parenting approach based on the Theology of the Body- attachment parenting as self-donative love.

      • Kristi says

        Thank you SO much for the thoughtful recommendation, Maggie! I hadn’t heard of that one and will check it out ASAP!

  6. Katie says

    Do you still cloth diaper your kiddos? I’m currently cloth diapering my 2 girls (20 mo & 4 mo) and I love to read about other moms who are doing it.

  7. Dee says

    Love your blog! Here are a few q’s. Your first vlog was so cute — looking forward to this one!

    Do you prefer buying and reading new books or used books?

    Are you and your husband DIYers in terms of doing home improvements? Any projects on your “wouldn’t it be nice” list?

    What’s the last thing that made you laugh really hard?

  8. Leslie Fischer says

    What words of encouragement can you give other moms who have a lot of little kids and hate the time between 4-6 pm? What can I do make that time easier? I already make dinner during naps; could anything else help? Mom-lead activities? Mine are 5, 4, 2 and newborn.

  9. Katherine says

    Firstly, let me say that I really enjoy reading your blog and Daniel’s too. My question is about your conversion to Catholicism. What was the turning point, and was it the same for both of you, when you realized that you had to be Catholic? That your protestant faith wasn’t enough? As a cradle Catholic I love to hear about those moments.

    Thanks for sharing your thoughts!

  10. says

    I’m going to ask you a question I’ve had for a while now…
    You said you let your kids watch Dinosaur Train…
    My daughter loves it, but I feel like the paleontologist is a lot too pushy with the age of the earth, evolution, and when dinosaurs roamed etc. How are you having these conversations with your little people? Honestly, I don’t know about all of these things (although my church is doing a series soon and the Creation Museum isn’t far from us so I should just go) and so I don’t let me daughter watch.

  11. Shannon says

    I’d love to hear how you (AP ish style) get your babies to sleep/ transition out of your bed to crib/ then to toddler bed. And how that went with two so close together. Looking for tips 😉

  12. says

    Good faith formation books for kids – lives of the saints, picture Bible, etc?

    Catechism – at home or at your parish?

    I think I remember you writing at one point that you liked the Latin Mass – am I making that up? Do you attend the Latin Mass or Novus Ordo?

    What’s your approach to supervising children at play? (I’m thinking of helicopter vs free range, for lack of better terminology.)

    Ok stopping. Maybe I should just write on my own dang blog instead of expecting everyone else to write about my areas of interest. 🙂

  13. Stephanie says

    Hi Hayley,

    I am a long-time reader, first time commenter. Thank you for giving us a glimpse into your beautiful family life and the encouragement we all need along the way.

    I would love to know: Are any of your kids picky eaters? If so, how do you deal with it?

    Also, my son (baby #3) was diagnosed with a milk allergy. I would love to know healthy lunch/snack ideas you have, since I think one of your kids is similarly affected? With my older 2, we have done a lot of cheese and yogurt…

    God bless you and your family!

  14. says

    Ok I thought of another question to add to the list. How do I prepare my daughter Frances for preschool homeschool fun this Fall? I’m trying to think of something really awesome but I’m STUCK! Help!!!! 🙂 (She is four- almost).

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