This Week’s Miscellany: Vol. 93

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photo 2 (16)


You’re probably on the edge of your seat waiting to hear the fate of the last somewhat blah Stitch Fix box and Daniel’s future as a jewelry model. You’re not? Well, you’re gonna hear about it anyway!

I decided to ditch the whole box. I didn’t love any of it and since I’m currently in a decluttering frenzy, why spend money on one more thing in my closet that won’t get much use? I did love the feel of the maxi skirt. It felt like I was wearing a cloud. But, when one of you commented that “eh, not crazy about tie-dye” I realized that’s what I didn’t like about it! The fit was great, it was high quality material and would be a great piece if not for…..THE TIE-DYE white stripes. And with two options being DEFINITE NOs and the other two just being “OK, but you can  find me at Target” I said, “be gone!” left extensive comments for the next stylist and ordered another box that will arrive in a couple of weeks. So prepare for me to pick your brain about fashion in the very near future, oh faithful ones!

I have to say that despite the fact that fashion has never been one of my passions, it is really fun doing these posts. I just love reading the comments and seeing such variety of opinions! The same outfit can elicit strong reactions in either direction and it’s just fascinating. It’s also fun making Daniel give his hilarious opinions on all the outfits.

Moving on!

photo 3 (16)

My parents and I took this little sweetie pie on her first trip to the beach! Yes, we live in Florida. Yes, it’s been two years since we’ve gone to the beach. What can I say? I hate sand and my Irish skin gets sunburned after a few minutes outside. And because someone always asks, yes, it’s a mesh ring sling in that photo and it is awesome. I’m not sure if this is the same brand I have, but it looks about right.

photo 2 (17)


Unfortunately for this beach hater, Benjamin thought the beach was the best thing ever and has big plans to move to the coast. Yikes.

photo 4 (14)


Lucy loved it, too and was bummed when a thunder storm cut beach time short.

photo 1 (19)


And little bit conked out in the car. Don’t you think she’s starting to look like big sister?!


Trying to finish up True Devotion to Mary by St. Louis de Montfort and A Million Little Ways by Emily P. Freeman. I need some accountability to finish Les Mis! And I really love these new titles from Ignatius Press/Magnificat for children:

Tell Me about the Catholic Faith for Small Children by Christine Pedotti: It’s a long book but my kids loved it so much they insisted we read it in one sitting. I think it’s an excellent book and it prompted lots of good conversations about our faith.



Peter, Apostle of Jesus by Boris Grebille: We loved this one, too, and it would be the perfect book to read on the upcoming feast of Sts. Peter and Paul!


You can find me over at Catholic Exchange sharing some true confessions as a Catholic convert.

And Daniel argued with Cari about Zombies and wrote about Marian devotion in early Christianity.

The Head and the Heart is one of my favorite bands and whaddaya know? Blythe’s brother is in it! Read her fun interview with him over at A Knotted Life.

42 Simple Lunch Ideas Kids Can Make: Simple Bites

I do love me some Songza and Verily has some playlists for you.

These sparkly glasses the gals at A Beautiful Mess designed are just amazing.

The Hidden Hand Behind Bad Catholic Music: Crisis Magazine

This summer Frozen-themed birthday party by Kendra is more proof that I should hire her to be my life coach (no, really) and also made me laugh since she really doesn’t like Frozen. True love for her sweet little birthday girl!

This beautiful post by Abbey made me cry.

The Oxenreiders of The Art of Simple are documenting their year of world travel (with their three kids!) at their new space The Art of Simple Travel. I’ve been drooling over their Instagrams of Italy.

And we’re completely obsessed with this ebook about homemade ice cream.

photo 4 (13)

That’s Chocolate Peanut Butter Cookie Dough. Yup. Happiness! And I’m not an affiliate for the ebook or anything…just really into ice cream 🙂 But if you bought the Ultimate Homemaking Bundle, it’s one of the books included and if you haven’t taken a look yet…do it! Yum.

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Happy Friday!

Lots of love,


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  1. says

    Yay! I really enjoy your fashion posts. I don’t usually like fashion posts because I can’t relate to the things they wear. But you’re in a similar state of life so I love reading yours!

    lol the best thing we have for a beach is sand thrown next to a lakeside. But my kiddo loves that. Good thing he doesn’t know any better lol

  2. says

    FYI, I bought some comfy maxi skirts at the Family Dollar for $10-$12. I like mine…I am short so instead of hemming them I pull them up to just under the bust which works out nicely because they can accommodate baby bump that way!

  3. says

    We haven’t been to the beach since we visited Florida two years ago! We live in MN, so maybe it isn’t AS strange, but do you know how many lakes there are here? Thousands.


    • Haley says

      I would say yes. Well, depending on your situation. It is just not going to happen to take kiddos with me to try on clothes and yet, on the rare occasion that I don’t have kids in tow, I’d rather be doing something else….like a date with Daniel. And I haven’t been buying new clothes for a few years and really needed to jump start my wardrobe. So it’s worth it to me. And with referral credits, I had enough to cover the styling fee. But, if going somewhere to try clothes on and shop isn’t a huge ordeal, SF might not be worth it?

  4. Megan says

    I love the kids books on faith recommendations- have any suggestions for a toddler friendly Bible that you have enjoyed w/ your children? We already have The Jesus Storybook and LOVE it but it’s a bit old for my middle child. I can and have read Amazon reviews all day- but when I fb’d a request to my friends the only pointer I got was a rhyming book; don’t get me wrong- rhyming things w/ crucifiction or Lazarus to my 3 yr old sounds fun but I was hoping you had experience w/ something more appealing?

    • Haley says

      This one might not be accessible enough to a toddler, but we’ve loved the Tomie dePaola book of Bible Stories. Great illustrations and text is the actual Scriptures, not paraphrasing.

  5. Andrea says

    I thought that last photo was Lucy!

    I can tan, but my kids got their dad’s side of intensely Irish skin. Our kids burn even after sunscreen and no tan to be seen. It’s foreign to me, I rarely used sunscreen as a kid and kept my tanlines (almost) all year #momofirishproblems

    • Haley says

      Sadly, the same bundle won’t ever be available again. There will be another one with new ebooks next year around the same time. All the books are available separately, but it would be mighty pricey to get them all outside of the bundle!

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