More Than You Ever Wanted to Know About Me in an Interview at Catholic Mom




Head on over to to read all about urban homesteading, stretching the food budget, why we wrote a book, bath tub reading, the real reason I have short hair, and how I do it all (I don’t!). It was so fun to be interviewed by Rhonda Ortiz!

You can also find me today at The Modern Mrs Darcy where my post on advice for the Janeite who runs out of Austen novels is being re-run.



  1. says

    These are both great articles— love your interview at You’re right— it is important to have some ‘mom time’ (and i get my best ideas in the tub!) so that the whole family can be happy.
    And I’ve watched North and South but never read Gaskell’s books. Didnt she write a biography of Charlotte Bronte too? Or was friends with her or something.
    I need to read your book– it sounds so good! I love feast days, and the cycle of the liturgical year, but sometimes it can be hard to figure out little ways to celebrate at home that arent a big production.

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