This Week’s Miscellany: Vol. 79

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Happy St. Valentine’s Day! Daniel and I will be chatting about faith, food, and our book this afternoon on the radio for the Around the Table Radio Show tomorrow at 3pm (central time). You will probably be able to tell that it’s our first time on the radio, but we did have fun talking about food. You can listen in (690 AM in NOLA and 1380AM in Baton Rouge) or listen online when it airs it you’re outside of the greater New Orleans area like we are. But since you likely have better things to do than to plan your whole day around hearing us ramble on about St. Raymond Nonnatus, you can always listen to the podcast when it goes up tomorrow or Saturday (just search for Around the Table podcast in iTunes).

photo (15)


In other news, Baby Gwen’s hair is the 8th wonder of the world. What do I DO with it?

And after a three month hiatus due to travel, illness, car accidents (sheesh!) we’re finally back on the cloth diaper wagon. But don’t be too impressed. I only went back to them out of desperation because we were all out of disposables and the idea of going to the grocery store to buy more with three kids in tow makes me want to cry.

(Diapers, baby hair…this post really has you at the edge of your seat, doesn’t it?)

Let’s more on to something more exciting! The Edel Gathering has SOLD OUT. Wow! I cannot wait for July!

And if this doesn’t look exciting, I just don’t know what to tell you:

photo (16)

(Devoted Daddy creating a Goblin King Cake per request of Benjamin for his fifth birthday party, Hobbit style. It deserves it’s own post, coming soon!)

photo (18)

(Lovely party attendees: Ooma, Lucy, Gwen, and Cousin Vivienne!)

The Quotable Lucy (at 2 years):

I got a runny nose, so I need some ice cream to make it ALL better.” Little gal is either very confused about home remedies for colds or already understands that ice cream solves most problems in life.

Valentine-sy Links:

REAL Valentines for Today: This Ain’t the Lyceum (I laughed so hard.)

“Overachieving Pinterest Moms” Probably Aren’t Making Valentine’s AT You: Catholic All Year

How to Marry a Gilbert Blythe: Carrots (This post has been so popular! It’s already in the top 10 of the past 12 months! I guess there are more Anne and Gil fans than I realized out there.)

(and from the archives….)

Marriage is a Kind of Death: Carrots

The Definition of Sexy: Carrots

And this commercial doesn’t have anything to do with romantic love, but it will make a grown man cry.

We are having a little Family Fun Night for Valentine’s Day. Planning on getting Gluten-Free Pizza making this Flourless Chocolate Cake from the Modern Mrs. Darcy and having a family movie night watching The Princess Bride!

photo (14)

Wearing red lipstick is about as Valentine-sy as it’s gonna get around here today!

Do you have any fancy plans for Valentine’s Day? Daniel and I have never really celebrated it as a romantic extravaganza, but maybe you’ll inspire us for next year!



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    • Haley says

      I’m excited to try out the recipe! And sad update: The Princess Bride has been exchanged for Pirates of the Caribbean….less Valentine-sy and more skeleton-piratey which, for a five year old boy might be the appeal. Next year? 😉

  1. says

    We’re doing movies (one family friendly first, then probably something for us later- we haven’t picked them out yet), heart shapped pizza, wine and movie theater style popcorn.

    I love your hair! And, something about that blue scarf with the red lipstick just rocks!

  2. says

    You look so lovely. Seriously, fancy hair and everything! Kelly’s Valentines are brilliant and I love your Marriage is a Kind of Death post. It’s a great day to reread it.

  3. says

    Hey Haley! Just want to let you know that the podcast will probably not be posted until sometime later next week. I am writing this from Israel. Just finishing up the first Food Meets Fsith pilgrimage to the Holy Land. Flying home tonight, then I plan to take a few days off. Thanks so much for joining us on the show! Bon appetit!

  4. says

    This might be the first podcast I listened to… Yay for Feast! getting more talking about it going on!

    Cannot wait for a full Hobbit party review – it’s so fabulous from the bits and pieces I have seen.

    And the red lipstick, definitely super Valentinesy. I took a shower and put on lipstick, so that counts as my win for the day. And I bought myself flowers. =)

  5. Elizabeth says

    Valentine’s Day is halfway between my birthday and my husband’s birthday, which all quickly follow the end-of-year holidays culminating in Christmas (or really starting with Christmas when considering the liturgical year). We never had energy for Valentine’s Day when dating or even when I was single. You know how we fixed that? We got married on Valentine’s Day and celebrated our 10th wedding anniversary tonight. Our 9-year-old went skiing with friends, our 6- and 4-year-old kids played at a friend’s house, and my husband and I took our six-month-old baby to a fancy restaurant with us. I thoroughly enjoyed talking with my husband over a fancy dinner while simultaneously nursing and sipping a glass of wine :). Our baby was a total sweetheart even among all the childless dates (although next year she will likely stay with friends too). I got red roses, and I bought my husband a subscription for three months of microbrews delivered to our door. It was a great evening, and we personally took Valentine’s Day back from the pagan world again by making it a religious holiday for us — the celebration of the sacrament of marriage. Our marriage! That was our Valentine’s Day.

  6. says

    And now all my kids want a Goblin King cake. I hope you will show a step by step assembly process.
    For Saint Valentine’s day, our whole family went to the library! I don’t know if it gets more romantic than that. If you steal the idea for a date night let me know.

  7. Ali Denning says

    I just stumbled on your blog (pretty sure pinterest had something to do with it!) and I love it!
    I became catholic last Easter and my cradle catholic hubby and I are enjoying learning all sorts of new stuff about integrating our faith into our daily life besides bible reading and prayer. I’m so glad you have all these posts about liturgical living and parenting– especially since we are expecting baby number one in May!
    Did you make a post about your kid’s baptism? I’m getting excited to plan ours. We still have lots of friends from our non-denom church we went to before and we hope to make sure they know whats going on and can enjoy that day with us.

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