This Week’s Miscellany: Vol. 78

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So you heard the big news. Who’s gonna eat tacos with me?! And did anybody tune into the Jane Austen live discussion on Wednesday night? How rambly was I? How adorable and well-spoken were Anne, Melissa, and Nicole?! It was so fun to chat with them.

photo (4)

In the Liturgical Year: So, I finally got my act together this year and made beeswax candles with the kids for Candlemas. Let’s all hope our candle-making endeavors become less knobbly as the years go by…

The Quotable Benjamin:

Tossing around breakfast ideas:
Well…how much lard do we have?

Good place to start, son.

This little man is turning five. FIVE, I tell you! We’re having a little family birthday party (Hobbit-themed). I’m thinking some simple, hobbity decor is in order (Benjamin, however, is requesting a “hobbit-house tent” that can cover our house to make it look like a hobbit house. He’s convinced “they” can make one before his party. Who “they” are remains a mystery.)

I’m thinking about getting him a subscription to PLEYGO (it’s like Netflix with LEGO sets) for his birthday. But I’ve read mixed reviews. Sounds like sometimes it takes forever to receive your next shipment. Anybody tried it out? (p.s. LEGO stuff is on zulily today.)

photo (3)

I gave this little gal her first haircut. Cute attack!

photo (5)

And THIS little gal is finally agreeing to jam on some solids. Bananas, egg yolks, avocado, sweet potato, and pumpkin is where it’s at. But oh my word, she has so much HAIR that every mealtime requires a bath. This is why babies aren’t supposed to have a full head of hair already! Act like a baby, Gwen!

Help, please!:

Some of our dearest friends Andrew and Julia (and Gwen’s godparents) are adopting a beautiful little girl with special needs from Asia (can’t be specific because of the home country’s guidelines) named Josie. While they planned to travel overseas to bring Josie home, they weren’t expecting the more unusual request of traveling overseas to attend her court date. If you’re at all familiar with foreign adoption, you know how monumentally expensive the process is. If you’re able, would you help contribute to Josie’s adoption fund? We are all eager to bring Josie home to her forever family! Read all about Andrew, Julia, and sweet Josie on their adoption blog and please donate if you can! I can’t imagine a more wonderful family for any child to join.

Links You Can’t Miss:

How Common Core Devalues Great Literature: Anthony Esolen for Crisis Magazine (By far my favorite link of the week. I love Anthony Esolen. If you haven’t read his 10 Ways to Destroy the Imagination of Your Child, READ IT. It’s a life changer.)

Children in Bulk: Are Big Families Eco-Friendly or a Carbon Footprint Nightmare?: Katie Kimball for Life Your Way

The Ghent Altarpiece in a Billion Pixels (This is so cool! For those of us who have never had the chance to travel and see all the art we’d love to see in person….at least we can check out all the details of this one from afar.)

The Secret of Kells and the Art of Making: and Bigger on the Inside: Everything to Someone

The Courage to Rest: Conversion Diary

10 Tips to Better Blogging: A Knotted Life (Bonnie has some great tips. And I think the “make your contact info obvious” section is for me, because she couldn’t find my email during Sheenazing Awards week, haha. I leave it up to you, dear readers! I’ve got my email on the right hand side bar and at the bottom of my “about” page. Has anyone ever had trouble finding it? Is it not accessible enough? Tell me!)

A Year of Books: Dragons: Molly Makes Do

Our Family’s Non-Health Insurance Coverage: Life Your Way

I heart Dorothy Day: This Ain’t the Lyceum

Sponsor Shout Out:


And a big thank you to new Carrots sponsor Efficient Momma (Motherhood with a Semi-Crunchy Catholic Perspective)! You should definitely check out her 5 Favorite Meals to Bring a New Momma. I pinned it to remember next time I’m bringing a meal to a friend! Show Rachel some Carrots love over at her awesome blog.

(If you’d like to advertise with me, check out my advertising page. I love my sponsors who make it possible to keep the lights on around here at Carrots.)

This n’ That:

If you missed the sale on our ebook: Feast! Real Food, Reflections, and Simple Living for the Christian Year, don’t lose heart! I’m going to be offering a special deal for the folks who sign up for my newsletter (on the righthand sidebar) so sign up and stay tuned!

And a big shout out to all the Carrots FB followers! Just passed 2,500! You all are too good to me!

Wishing everyone warm weather! Don’t hate me for living in Florida ; )



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  1. rachel says

    Idea?? Baby shower cap for mealtime!?!? My 1 yo has taken to running her fingers through her hair when she’s finished eating….I feel ya!!

  2. says

    Loved “seeing” you and Anne in the Jane Austen group. Spent most of the hour just listening since I had two toddlers to bathe and prep for bed. But I really enjoyed the non-blog chance to hear from you gals. Envying your FL sunshine at the moment. It is sub-temps in MT this week!

  3. says

    Actually you are far from the only one whose email could not be found. In fact, one of the women who helped me find contact info for the Sheenazing nominees realized how hard it was and immediately added a Contact tab to her blog.

    And one of my helpers was the one who emailed me and said she couldn’t find your contact info and then I came and looked and couldn’t find it either. So that’s 2, but maybe we’re the only 2 in the world.

  4. says

    hey there, Haley! I just discovered your blog, and just love it 🙂 a girl after my own heart, right down to the Jane Austen addiction (I painted a whole series of Jane Austen heroines last year!) Love reading what you have to say here. And love the special family ideas for the Liturgical year. I have to say you’re brave to attempt candle making with tiny ones! Cant wait to read more!~ Heather

    PS glad to hear I may have not TOTALLY missed the book sale! signing up now…

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