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Sheen Nominated

It’s that time of year again! The Sheenazing Award nominations for your favorite Catholic blogs over at A Knotted Life where the wonderful Bonnie writes. The awards will likely be delayed for a bit because Bonnie’s son James had a seizure and is in the hospital. He is recovering well, but please keep their whole family in your prayers as they run tests to figure out why James had this seizure.

You can go ahead and get your nominations in, but the actual award voting won’t be up for awhile as Bonnie’s priority right now is taking care of her family.

I thought I’d share some of my favorite Catholic blogs from my blogroll (not that I’m telling you who to nominate or anything….ahem.)

Fountains of Home: Maybe it’s just that I’m convinced Christy and I would be best friends if she didn’t live a million miles away in the frigid land of Canada, but I just connect with her words. She can be writing about G.K. Chesterton, the daily rhythm of mothering five children age 6 and under, BBC shows, or classic Christmas movies and it’s always interesting. On a bad day, I like to think I can just hop on a plane and have afternoon coffee at Christy’s house. We would talk books and Downton Abbey and my kids could see snow in real life.

House Unseen, Life Unscripted: Dwija is just the best. She’s fun, sweet, and zany and whether she’s sharing a snippet of life as a homeschooling mama, or inspiring with thoughtful and challenging words about faith, she just seems so genuine, warm, and hilarious. The first time she commented on Carrots I was totally starstruck.

Everything to Someone: Christie seems like a kindred spirit. Each post I read is pure gold and then I found out she has an advanced degree in Arthurian Literature and I said, that’s my kinda girl. (And here’s your open invitation to chat with me about Old French lais about Camelot anytime, Christie. I’m a little obsessed.)

Catholic All Year: Kendra rocks my world. She’s kind of the anti-me. Her children wear uniforms for homeschool and my children look like they escaped from Miss Hannigan’s orphanage until around 3pm when I rigidly insist that everyone puts clothes on. This woman can care for a house of seven children who have the stomach flu, sew a baptismal gown, and dress like Kate Middleton three days after having a new baby. (No, really. She did that.) Sometimes I’m not sure she’s actually human. But she’s so hilarious, genuinely kind, and wonderful that I won’t begrudge her the superhuman powers she seems to have. I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again, I really wish she was 30 years older than she is, lived next door to me instead of across the country, and had a lot of time of her hands she insisted on using to help me run my life. I really like that alternate universe in which my crises and decisions can just get “Kendrad.”

A Knotted Life: I actually discovered Bonnie’s blog through last year’s Sheenazing awards and then my real life friend Kaitlin was all like “are you kidding me? You don’t read Bonnie?” I just love Bonnie and she’s becoming a dear friend. Her blog is great and I think my favorite part is her videos about celebrating the liturgical year. Bonnie keeps it real.

Conversion Diary:  Does Jen even need an introduction? She’s kind of the Catholic blogger. If you aren’t reading Conversion Diary, I don’t know if we can be friends. (And have you heard about the conference she and Hallie are putting on?! I’ll see you there.)

Clan Donaldson: Is it weird that I think that Daniel and Cari would be besties? Well, there it is. I think you can pick that up just from her awesome header image. After reading her book, Pope Awesome and Other Stories, I feel like I have a window into Cari’s heart and it’s a heart I’m excited to get to know. Converts FTW!

Through a Glass Brightly: Kathryn’s blog is my most recent stellar blog find. The only problem is that she doesn’t post as much as I wish she did because each post is JUST SO GOOD. Literature, Catholic faith, movies, she is so insightful and clever.

This Ain’t the Lyceum: Kelly is hilarious. And inspiring and awesome. Seeing a window into her homeschooling, raising kids (and raising kids with special needs), and celebrating the liturgical year. And I know I said she’s funny. But she is FUNNY. You absolutely cannot miss her smear campaign of last year’s Sheenazing winners.

Camp Patton: So, I normally don’t read many “day in the life” kind of blogs. But Grace’s blog is an exception (not that her’s is merely “day in the life”-ish, she writes about fashion and faith and all kinds of stuff. For some reason, reading about her life as mother of three young children and one on the way is just delightful. She’s two parts “this is chaos!” and three parts “this is awesome!” as she wrangles her adorable little ones (why did I choose a total of five parts? I don’t know!). Anyhow, you will like her and you will laugh at her cute kids shennanigans.

Like Mother, Like Daughter: I’ve been following this one for about 5 years and it does not disappoint. It never fails to inspire and challenge me. LMLD is written by several gals all in one Catholic family and there’s just so much wisdom and goodness.

Time Flies When You’re Having Babies: Ana is awesome. She’s so genuine, honest about the challenges of motherhood, and so thoughtful and insightful.

And a few more blogs that definitely deserve a mention (and awesome ladies you should know):

These ladies don’t have a chance to write as much as I wish they did because their words are so wonderful and I just want more. Check ’em out!

Two Os Plus More

Molly Makes Do


Surviving Our Blessings

There are so many other good ones out there that I’m sure I forgot to include. So forgive me. I still have tonsilitis and I’m going to use that as an excuse for everything as long as I can!

I still feel like the new kid on the block in the Catholic blogosphere, so getting nominated last year was positively thrilling. I felt like I’d won an Oscar just to be on the ballot with some of these fine writers. So, if you have some favorite bloggers to nominate, be sure to do it today or tomorrow (Friday). It will really make their day!

What are some of your favorite Catholic blogs?  Inquiring minds want to know.

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  1. says

    We read so many of the same blogs!! I’m also new to the blog scene and really love the inspiration you, and these other bloggers, give me on a daily basis–thank you! 🙂

    • Haley says

      Aw, thanks, Danielle! Welcome. I’m sure there’s mean bloggers out there, but the ones I’ve encountered are so helpful and great. Holler if you need anything.

    • Haley says

      Oh, good. There are several homes for sale on our street. But if you could kick out our next door neighbor and move in there, that would be preferable.

  2. says

    I found so many awesome new blogs to read through the Sheenazing awards last year – looking forward to finding more this year! I read most of your mentions but will have to check out a few that haven’t made it onto my list yet 🙂

    • Haley says

      I found good ones from last year’s Sheenazings, too! What a fun tradition. It’s definitely made my week more exciting 🙂

  3. says

    There’s a lot of gret blogs you have listed there. i don’t read all of the but I do read most (time permitting).

    I also like The Domestic Monestary Blog,

    Mama Knows, Honey Child is absolutely AWESOME!!! I love her!

    Barefood and Pregnant is another great one (it is on Patheso).

    • says

      Also I’m not 100% sure Kendra is real either 😉 I have two theories :

      1) She has mastered the ability to time travel; therefore giving herself more hours in the day.

      2) She is actually a set of identical quintuplets.

      • Haley says

        So I haven’t had a chance to comment on this to tell you how hard I laughed at your theories. The Quintuplet Theory is by far the best explanation of Kendra’s bizarre/awesome superpowers.

  4. says

    I regularly read almost all the blogs you mentioned and I don’t think that I deserve to be numbered among them! Several of the ones you named were ones I wanted to name but I limited myself to five so I wouldn’t go overboard (and Dwija is one of my very favorites, but I assumed everyone already read her so I didn’t need to share). I think between the ones you named and all the ones named in the comments, that pretty much covers every blog I read.

  5. says

    I also think Daniel and I would be great friends. As long as he slowed down to a hideous 12 minute/mile pace, and kept up all of the conversation about chickens and conversions and whatnot. Because I am old and fat.

    • Haley says

      Oh heavens! I have never attempted running with him. Partly because he runs fast as a leopard and partly because I never attempt running under any circumstances. Ever.

  6. says

    Wait. Is that me? (*checks*) It is me!! Aw!

    I’d love to hear your thoughts on Marie de France; she was sadly absent from the curriculum (it had to be squeezed into a year, that’s the way they do it there, for some reason). But the professor teaching medieval Arthurian Lit. talked about Chretien a lot, who I think was a contemporary? Well, Chretien (hope I’m remembering this correctly and not embarrassing myself!) “invented” Lancelot, so he is important!

    • Haley says

      Marie is so great! Her Lais are wonderful and I also love St. Patrick’s Purgatory. Yes, a contemporary of Chretien, you are totally right.. Now I want to read them all over again!

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