And the Winner Is…

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Just dropping in to announce that Megan Kuo was the winner of the Usborne Books and More giveaway! Congrats, Megan. You’ll be hearing from me soon about your prize.

Be sure to stop by the Usborne web site and check out all of their great books!

No This Week’s Miscellany today because I am yet AGAIN spiking a fever with tonsilitis. It’s been an on and off thing for 11 weeks and two rounds of antibiotics. It goes away and then comes right back. Anybody experienced something similar with a throat infection that just won’t go away? I’m willing to try anything. Should I get my tonsils removed? That sounds dreadful. Any advice would be welcome! I was planning on attending a retreat this weekend and I’m so disappointed that I’ll probably be spending the day at the Dr.’s office instead.

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  1. says

    Can’t say for sure without seeing your throat, but repeated cases of tonsillitis may mean having your tonsils out would be a good idea. I was there at one point and then things seemed to get better so I never did it. But a good friend (also a nurse) did and she is so glad that she did.

    Saltwater gargles, honey tea, and Advil to reduce the swelling are the best things I can tell you at this point 🙂 Feel better soon.

  2. Katherine says

    Haley Dear, your tonsils are apparently not a contributing member of your group any more. In fact, they may well have joined the other side. Ask yourself what would be happening if it were one of your children going through this and the answer may be clearer: you may be better off without them. Sending hope and prayers! Katherine

  3. Keri says

    I had a similar episode a few years ago. I actually had strep two or three times that winter (hadn’t had it for ten years previously) and tonsillitis in between. It was on and off from something like January through March or April. I was starting to really worry. Then it went away and I haven’t had another year like that since. It might have had something to do with the fact that I had a four month old non-sleeper and didn’t get much rest at the time. I have a three week old now and it’s prime season for that stuff so we will see if it happens again. I hope not! I don’t remember any magic cure-all – sorry! Try to get all the rest you can!

  4. says

    Yes! I’ve been sick constantly since the summer and insisted on test after test. Around the sixth round of bloodwork, labs came back positive for lingering mycoplasma (aka walking pneumonia). It’s like mono in that it won’t go away, and it needs a specific kind of antibiotic; normal ones won’t work. It’s common if you are around small children, too. I would go ahead and rule that out the next time you see your doctor because it has been making me miserable! My tonsils have only just stopped screaming at me. :p

  5. Maria B says

    I had my tonsils out when I was 16 ( which is pretty late) because my tonsils kept get infected. It’s totally worth the hassle of getting them out just to not deal with the infections, strip, etc. Go see an Ear, Nose, Throat doctor and they’ll be able to help you decide. Though, I have to be completely honest, I still can’t stomach jello after a week of eating it.

  6. Melissa H-K says

    Disclaimer: I am not a doctor and have never even played one on TV. However, my daughter Rosie ( had lots of illnesses when she was 13-14, and getting her tonsils out did the trick for getting rid of all that stuff. On the other hand, she told me a few years ago that she was malingering because eighth grade was boring or something, so maybe having her tonsils out just scared her into going back to school. But seriously, I don’t think she would have gone that far! Sooooo . . . tell your doctor what’s going on and how long it’s been going on and insist that s/he find out what’s up. The end. God bless you!

  7. says

    You need your tonsils. They’re an important part of your immune system. I could be wrong but i think that tonsillitis probably isn’t the problem but the symptom of something else that is going on in your body. I would add fermented foods to your diet and keep the tonsils. i would also try to take natural antibiotics such as garlic, oregano oil, olive leaf extract and things like that instead of prescription antibiotics which will only make things worse in the long run. I got over a TERRIBLE case of mastitis by using those three things instead of the antibiotics I was prescribed. Also, let your fever work for you to kill whatever bug you have. Even if your fever is 105 and you’re completely miserable, try not to take fever reducers.

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