Advent Unplugged: Week 1

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Joining me for Advent Unplugged? Basically, I’m make some commitments to unplug from social media and my laptop during this season. You can read more about my Advent Unplugged goals and read what other bloggers have shared in the original link up. But each Monday during Advent, I’d like to share with you about how my Advent Unplugged is going and open up a new link-up for you to share and for us to encourage each other to keep this season quiet and reflective so we can prepare our hearts free from distraction.

I told you in the first link-up for Advent Unplugged why I was compelled to step back from screen time during this season of preparation.

Here’s how my resolutions are going so far:

I removed FB, Twitter, and Pinterest from my iPhone. That one step has helped so much. I’m not as tempted to pick up my phone during the day to see if someone has said something on Facebook. The thing is, someone is always saying something on Facebook….but what they’re saying isn’t as important as what’s going on in real life right now with my three awesome kids. It’s a relief and a blessing not to be able to have Facebook in the palm of my hand all day.

I also wanted to keep the laptop closed when my kids are awake. I haven’t been as successful at this. I have checked in to do a few blogging things and ebook things and look up some recipes. But, instead of leaving gmail, Facebook, and blog comments open all day where I can easily walk by the laptop and refresh in between household tasks, I just played my Advent music playlists and didn’t leave my browser open. So, it’s an improvement and I think it’ll be a work in progress.

Because I’m not filling in 30 seconds here and a minute there with social media, I feel more engaged with the kids and I occasionally am smart enough to fill up those seconds with the St. Andrew Christmas Novena or just general gratefulness for getting to live this life with my family.

And when I laid down with the big kids at nap time (my oldest NEEDS someone to lay down with him or there ain’t no way he’s falling asleep because he can’t stay still. for. one. second) I didn’t feel compelled to check my phone and just relaxed and enjoyed hearing those sweet little souls fall asleep with those wonderful deep, sleepy breaths.

I want to sneak in some Advent reading tonight after the kiddos go to sleep, or this afternoon if everyone is entertaining themselves. Oh wait, when has that ever happened? ; ) After the kids go to bed, it is!

I’d love to hear about your first Advent Unplugged week, so please link up below!

I’d also like to know about how you handle meals during Advent. We do a lot of soups and stews during Advent and lots of vegetarian beans and rice kind of meals. We share some of our simple Advent recipes in our liturgical year eCookbook (and did you hear that we set up a print version for our fellow luddites?!) like our black beans and rice recipe.


And we also cook a lot with our slow cooker using Stephanie of Mama and Baby Love’s freezer meal eCookbooks (p.s. they’re on super sale until tomorrow, Dec. 3! You can get all four for $12.50, 80% off, people!)

And if you haven’t purchased our eCookbook Feast! yet, be sure to hop over to Dwija’s giveaway to win a copy!

And since it’s Cyber Monday, I should tell you about the flash sale Bundle of the Week is having on their Christmas ebook bundles!

OK, for the link up:

1. Write an Advent Unplugged post.

2. Add the Advent Unplugged button.


3. Link up below!

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  1. says

    The irony of an unplugged link-up has me giggling! But I think it’s a famous idea. *applause*

    We consider ditching the iPhones and going old school to save us $100-$120 per month. Y’all ever thought of doing that? Just curious! Most people think I’m cuh-ray-zee to consider it, and are all like “don’t touch the iPhone!” I know you’re busy! No stress if you can’t reply (but I would LOVE to hear what you think!).

  2. Molly says

    It feels like we’ve barely been home – 1st Sunday was also our Thanksgiving meal, but we still managed to get out the wreath and candles and say our blessing. Yesterday, the hubs was sick and the kiddo stayed at grandmas. Today, much of the same – haven’t read a single chapter out of his advent book or hung one of our countdown “bookmarks” yet. Oh well. =D


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